Well guys, every one of us blogger absolutely hates the fact that Instagram doesn’t allow us to post clickable links on our profiles. At least I know I do. For me, ways of getting traffic to my blog still include old school ways like posting the link on Facebook, publishing a post on Twitter.

1. Use a teaser: many people (including yours truly) tend to use Instagram as a way to keep up and follow blogs. I feel like I stay up to date with many of my favorite bloggers by following them on Instagram while in fact I don’t know half of the collabs, shoots and awesome things they do through insta. Your traffic won’t probably increase by just posting your blog pictures, it might even go down because people feel like they’ve seen it all. But if you just show a detail shot and write a teaser with it such as ‘find out what shoes I wore with this outfit by checking out my blog’ you will most likely see an increasing amount of traffic coming in from Instagram.

2. Remind people of the existence of your blog: this sounds very logical but until one of my blogger friends recently mentioned this I actually realized that I never remind people of the existence of my blog through Instagram. I just post snaps of my travels and daily life but until then I didn’t mention anything about my blog for a while. Just remember, many people who follow you might follow because someone suggested it, Instagram suggested you or because of features on other accounts and it might as well be so that a lot of your followers on Instagram are not even aware of your blog. So always keep spreading the word guys.

3.Use appealing images: last but not least make sure the blog content you post to Instagram is amazing. Instagram is an amazing way to showcase your business, your blog. You have to make it people’s worth while and become people’s priority to visit your blog and put time in that.

These were my tips! I’m very curious to hear what your top traffic sources for your blog are! Share them below and if you have more tips on the subject above, let me know! Hugs!


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