Two more sleeps until Christmas! What’s better to do to get into the spirit than to make some hot chocolate milk and watch your favorite Christmas movies? I usually start early in December with my favorite movies and always end our Christmas dinners with a cute Christmas movie! We have so many traditions when it comes to watching them that I wanted to share my top 5 Christmas movies with you all! Enjoy:

1. Elf: I’d never seen this movie until I met my boyfriend, it’s his absolute favorite Christmas movie! And because of him I fell in looove with this movie, it’s not only super festive and cute but also really funny! We watch this one every year in the beginning of December to start of the festive season and I love every second of it.

2. The Santa Clause: This is a movie tradition I started myself about 10 years ago. The story is really cute and magical and I always end up with such a happy feeling after this one. A must see!

3. Home Alone: Of course this is one of the biggest Christmas classics but it’s SO fun to get together with the whole family and watch this on Christmas day.

4. Love actually: I’m a romcom junkie and have probably seen every single romantic comedy that came out these last years, but this one is seriously one of my favorites! I’m thinking about watching this one in the plane on December 26th!

5. Four Christmases: As I always rush through our country for about four days to make all our Christmas dinners (friends, divorced parents, boyfriends family) I see so many recognizable jokes in this movie! It’s really light and fun to watch!

These were my 5 favorites I would absolutely love love love to hear which movies you guys watch around Christmas time! Let me know ok? Hugs!


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