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Hi guys! Happy Tuesday! Lately I’ve noticed that I’ve been getting so many e-mails from people who are coming to visit Amsterdam and are asking for advice on which hotspots to visit. That’s why I decided to write down my 5 currents favorite spots in my hometown, which you should definitely pay a visit! I would say I’m not someone that needs to go to the most trendy places all the time but I really enjoy good food and service (which is quite hard to find in Amsterdam). These 5 places definitely match my preferences and I have been at all of them many times.

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1. George:
I personally always go to the one in the south part of Amsterdam but the type of food they serve at George is just my favorite. Fries, croque madame’s, steak tartare, you get the idea. It’s one of those places that is a bit preppy which I don’t specifically like but always has quality food and you always know what to expect!

2. Plantage: This used to be one of my favorite places to work at all day before I had an office. There are marble tables, beautiful windows and it is located next to the Amsterdam zoo. Another big plus is that everything surrounding this place is very photogenic so I always take some blog pictures when I go there for a bite or coffee. I also usually schedule my meetings here as it has the perfect vibe for both business and pleasure related gatherings.

3. Bakers and Roasters:
Another huge favorite of mine. A breakfast/lunch place owned by New Zealanders with a big Brazilian influence. The staff is friendly and one of the main things that drew me in is that there is an all day breakfast menu and as I’m not an early bird you know I get happy from #breakfastforlunch! I always used to go to their location in the Pijp which is always extremely crowded but recently they opened another one close to the Entrepotdok which is amazing too. My favorite thing to order is the anana walnut french toast!

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4. G’s:
This is the perfect brunch place, one of my personal favorites to go to on Sunday. Unlike most places in Amsterdam there is actually good service here and the atmosphere is always super cozy and comfy. I literally like every single thing on the menu from the pink lemonade to the french toast so hopefully this place is going to stick around for years! Also the coolest place to take Instagram pictures!

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5. Amstel Hotel:
This hotel is super close to my house and is such a gorgeous place to go to. It’s a bit more expensive and less low key than the places mentioned above but I go there because the service is always on point, the hotel is gorgeous, the view on the Amstel river is amazing and the quality of the drinks & food is always perfect.

Hope you enjoyed this little guide, I will make another one soon with hotels and shopping! If you guys have been to Amsterdam I would love to know what your favorite spots were! Hugs!

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    So many nice hotspots! Love this post! X


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    Wonderful travel inspiration!



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    Thanks for the tips! I’d love to visit George next time in I’m visiting Amsterdam. 🙂


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    All of these places sound awesome. I was in Amsterdam in July but didn’t go to any of these places. Next time!! :]

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    George looks lovely! I also really love the photo’s 🙂


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    Bedankt voor de leuke tips, ik ga binnenkort een weekendje naar Amsterdam en met deze tips kan ik zeker verder!

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    Leuk! Ik woon nu toch al bijna 3 jaar in Amsterdam, maar 3 van de 5 kende ik nog niet, haha! Ik ga ze zeker eens checken! 🙂

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    I want to go to amsterdam so badly! all these places sound great. On the to do list!
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    Wat leuk dat je jouw Amsterdam hotspots met ons hebt gedeeld! Ik ben zelf ook helemaal weg van George en ga er ook af en toe heen in Laren of Zandvoort!

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    This will be so helpful if I ever go to Amsterdam (which hopefully I will soon!). I love look of the food at George.


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    So nice to know more about the Dam! I’ve been there a couple of times, but I def need to go back ASAP! x