Hi guys! Hope you’re all having a wonderful week. While going through old blogposts from when I just started blogging I noticed how much has changed and started thinking of how I’ve improved so much along the way. The following points are things I think are worth investing time, money or both in to take your blog to a higher level.

  1. Content: The absolute number one on this list! Don’t post just to post. Post because you want to share something you’re passionate about.
  2. Equipment: Nothing as annoying as a poorly working computer or laptop. Nothing should stop you from being as productive as you wish to be and definitely not bad equipment. Next to a good computer and/or laptop I highly recommend investing in a hard disk, SLR, lenses, compact camera, memory cards and smartphone.
  3. Photographer: Good photography is so, so important! I get it, asking a random person you’re with to take some pictures is the easiest way. When you really want to take your blog to a higher level consider hiring a photographer or just someone who has a good eye and some technical knowledge.
  4. Any other professional: Nobody, I repeat: nobody in this world is the BIW (Best In the World) in everything. Also, I don’t think many of us like doing taxes. Why don’t spare yourself the frustration and precious time and get it done by someone who’s job it is? Same story with marketing. You don’t like or don’t have time to pitch projects for your blog? Why not join an agency? Try to focus on the things you love and are good at!
  5. Workspace: Working from home can be great but there’s a big chance you’re easily distracted with that pile of dirty dishes staring at you or just having family around. Investing in an office was probably one of the best things I’ve done last year. Not only I have my own, peacefull workplace now but I also get my packages delivered over there so my house isn’t full of empty boxes anymore!

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