Es Vedra

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Hello everybody! As I mentioned earlier I’m in Ibiza! I’m really happy to be here. This island always makes me so chilled out and well rested! Yesterday I went to Pacha Ibiza for the opening! I had such a great night and am so excited for this summer here! I’m flying back to Amsterdam on Sunday. I have to pack my whole house and being into boxes because our home base until September is going to be Ibiza. Of course we are doing a lot of traveling. For what I know now we’re going to Eastern Europe, Kuala Lumpur and are doing a United States tour. What do you guys think about this view BTW? This rocky ‘island’ is called ‘Es Vedra and some say it’s a holy island! I don’t know what it is but one thing is for sure, it’s beautiful!

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  • Ginny Koppenhol

    I love Es Vedra…my favourite place on the island! 🙂
    Your dress is gorgeous. Perfect for the White Isle. We are maaaybe gonna be out there at the beginning of July (still in the process of convincing Graham haha), so may get to meet you. (I just realised that there is not a lot of certainty in that statement! haha) x

    • Queen of Jet Lags

      Thanks so much! Es vedra is sooo gorgeous right? Let us know if you guys are coming so we can meet up :-)!! X

      • Ginny

        I will 🙂 xx

  • Susan Werkhoven Werff

    Good choice Ibiza!
    Homebase feels like holiday 🙂
    If you ever had to get rid of some items of you’re wardrobe. Organize a market in Amsterdam, I love you’re style! And I know for sure also a lot of other fashion chicks 🙂
    And me also like the vieuw from Es Vedra.

    Have you ever been to Formentera? Movie shot ‘Lucia y el sexo’ in the secret cave & the lighthouse, a must see. Jump in the cave for a photoshoot 🙂

    • Queen of Jet Lags

      Thanks so much babe!! I definitly go to Formentera every now and then! Next time I’m there I’ll check out that spot! Thanks for the advice!!

      Would be so cool to organize a fashion market! Maybe I’ll host it with a few other girls, you in?! 🙂


  • I love your outfit! Your shoes are stunning!

    Carly’s Closet

  • Alina