California Dreamin’

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Hi from sunny LA! I’ve been kind of absent these last days but here I am again. So I’ve spend a week in San Francisco and finally got to know that city a little better. It definitely has it highs and lows. Lows being a lot of poverty, bums on the street and the chilly weather. Highs are the Forever21 that’s located in a surprisingly pretty building, visiting Facebook headquarters (so cool), all the organic healthy restaurants and seeing the beautiful place that’s called Sausalito (and of course visiting my brother who lives in San Fran ;-).

After spending a week in San Francisco my week in LA has almost come to an end as well. I’m always extremely happy to be here, to see my friends and to enjoy the amazing weather. We’ve had a couple of important meetings that went well so we’re excited. We’re flying back to San Francisco on Saturday and we’re going to work in El Paso and Houston Texas on Sunday and Monday before flying back to Europe on Monday.

Talk soon.


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Heels: Zara Jumpsuit/Shirt/Bag: Forever21 Sunglasses: Target


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