Screen shot 2013-07-25 at 09.42.45

This sort of outfit has been my uniform these last days. Comfortable & Comfortable.

  • Macy

    Perfect for this hot weather!

    • Queen of Jet Lags


  • I like this outfit! The T-Shirt looks great on you!


    • Queen of Jet Lags

      Thanks Nora!!

      Big Kiss!!

  • that shirt is so cute. love the bag too. leuk weer, girl! x

    • Queen of Jet Lags

      dank je rachella!!

      big kiss!!

  • Love the t-shirt and shoes!!! Nice! X

    • Queen of Jet Lags

      Thank you, your blog is so cute!


  • I just found your blog and im literally obsessed with it. your style is to die for. i know a lot of people just comment other bloggers saying, hey check out my blog! but i wanted to let you know that youre really doing a good job and i cant wait to read more.

    would love to chat with you. who doesnt need bloggy friends?

    • Queen of Jet Lags

      hey babe,

      thank you so much for your sweet comment! i’ll check out your blog now 🙂