When at home

Like the title of this post says; I’m home. Not for long, but I do have a good couple of days here in Holland. What do I usually do when I’m at home? First of all I do boring stuff! I’ve got to keep up with administration of our company when I’m home and get back to a lot op people on the email. When that’s all done I usually rest. Although traveling and our life of work on the road is extremely fun it can be exhausting as well, so it’s nice to have a couple of days of sleep! Next to that I do the laundry ’cause it has to be done and I think it’s relaxing to do! But one of the most important things I do is eat. Peanut butter sandwiches and lots (and I mean LOTS) of ice cream. This Sunday I will be going to Italy for 2 days and then fly from Rome to Ibiza on Tuesday and spend a couple of days there again. I can’t wait!

Big kiss!

P.S.: One thing I’ve been doing a lot lately is tucking my hair in my jacket! You guys like it? I think it’s the perfect solution for a bad hair day!

Whena t home

Screen shot 2013-08-27 at 21.55.51

Jacket: Salvatore Ferregamo Scarf: Primark Shorts: H&M Shoes: Zara Sunnies: Ray-Ban


  • Reply August 28, 2013

    Secret little stars

    Gorgeous!!! Love the blazer x

    • Reply August 28, 2013

      Queen of Jet Lags

      thanks babe!!!

      big kiss!

  • Reply August 28, 2013


    Absolutely stunning!

    • Reply August 28, 2013

      Queen of Jet Lags

      <3 thanks!


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