Fall lenghts

Fall Lenghts, Zara 1

Hey everyone! Guess who’s back? I’m so sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve moved houses and have been really ill. When I was in Tuscany I got a really bad food poisoning that lasted for almost 2 weeks! But I’m happy to be back. And speaking of being back, I finally have all my clothes back. They have been in boxes for over 3 months and really missed me as well. That’s why I’m showing some love and change outfits twice a day lately. Maybe I’ll do a tour of my walk-in closet. I’m trying to organize it really nicely.

On another note: is everyone following the fashion weeks around the globe? I kept a close eye on New York Fashion Week. I really liked some of the trends for SS14, like all the 90’s looks that are still there and the delicate sheers. But I felt like there wasn’t a big ‘new’ trend going on. Everything just felt like an extension of last year, just a little bit updated.

Gotta go now, talk soon and let me know what your favorite trends are for SS14. I wanna get inspired!

Big kiss, N.

P.S. Starting today I have a fun giveaway running on Instagram! Have a chance to win the Love Bracelet I’m wearing in this picture or something else from the very cute Dutch webshop Asiisa!




Jacket, Sweater and Skirt: Zara Boots: Marni Bracelets: Hermes and Asiisa