Pin & Striped


Hey peeps! I’ve been loving all the pinstriped outfits I’ve been seeing everywhere. I couldn’t decide if I wanted a pinstriped skirt or sweater, so when I saw this dress I instantly had a solution to my first world problem. Another thing I’ve nailed today is using a red color on my lips without looking like a drag queen. So of course I had to show it off on these pictures. One of my friends recently introduced me to the pro long wear lip pencils Mac makes and they make it very easy to get a good red lip. Yup, shallow updates, but at least I’m not talking about the nonstop rain showers in Holland. Oops, I just did. Well, talk soon! Big kiss!

p.s.: my boyfriend just uploaded a fantastic mix for his friend Sergio Herman’s restaurant Oud Sluis. Have a listen here: Soundcloud!




Dress: H&M Jacket: Zara Shoes: Bracelets: Hermes