Over the knee


Hello all! I’m getting that tingly feeling in my body again. That feeling you get before going on the road for a long time! What will happen, what will I see, who will I meet, which outfits am I going to take etc. All these questions are going through my mind!

One thing is for sure though, I’m taking these boots with me. They’re definitely my new favorite boots! I’ve been looking for the perfect over the knee boots for a couple of years and found them .. surprise, surprise,… at Forever21! I’m SO happy with them and keep thinking about how I’m going to combine them! They’re perfect for fall but I think I’ll take them with me to LA as well next month.

It’s funny btw how I started this fall obsessing over all the pale pink outfits and how they’ve shifted in such a short time to an all grey obsession. I’ve went through my closet this week, looking like a hyena for all my grey apparel and ended up finding this sweater and just a couple of grey jeans. Which means, the hunt for all things grey (no I’m not going to use the ’50 shades of grey’ title for this look) has officially started! How do you guys feel about this? What is your favorite color for fall?

Big kiss, N

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Boots: Forever21 Skirt: Zara Sweater: Forever21 Bag: Zara Bracelets: Hermes Rings: Asos