Fall in LA

Hey everyone! So these last days it has become pretty cold in LA, it almost feels like fall. I believe I even saw a couple of raindrops today; never saw that before here! I know I was going to regret not bringing certain stuff with me on this 5 week tour, but I’m starting to get upset and really miss my closet back home. Like I told you before I didn’t know how to pack for this long trip but I definitely didn’t do a good job, even with all my travel experience. I just brought ONE  pair of boots, and the rest are all open heels, sandals or flats. So when I saw these cute booties at Forever21 I told myself that I deserved it. My feet deserve warmth. My feet deserve this. I deserve this.

Anyways, what do you guys think about this ‘orange is the new black’ trend going around blogs and fashion websites? I do like it. My oversized orange blazer blended in nicely with all the fall colors.

Today I’m flying out to Dallas and after that I will be heading back to LA. I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving next week by the way. I’ve been in the States once during Thanksgiving but didn’t really celebrate it, so I hope we can do a big food fest this time! I brought enough sweatpants, so that’s not going to be a problem ;-). Talk soon guys, big kiss, N!


Jeans: Nouvelle Booties: Forever21 Shirt with Chains: Zara Blazer: Forever21 Bracelets: Hermes & Asos

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