Mexico City

Hi everyone from Mexico City! First time here and wow this city is amazing from what I’ve seen from it. The weather is perfect, Mexican food is my favorite food in the world, and the city is filled with energetic people. The outfit I’m wearing in these pictures is a typical ‘end-of-a-tour’ outfit. Kind of over wearing heels, so decided to be comfortable in my Birkenstocks and a lot of black. One thing I’m wearing and I’ve been obsessing over are chokers. Who wore one in the 90s? I’ve had plenty, they mostly looked like this. This velvet one I’m wearing was handmade by my friend Natalie and every choker she makes is just fab. I’m definitely wearing this one for Christmas this year!

Last night my boyfriend played at the Holi Festival of Colors here in Mexico City and to show you those energetic Mexicans, check this video. Although I was freezing and I always am that awkward girl partying on her own it was fun! Gotta go now, I’ll be back soon guys. Big kiss, N!

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Waistcoat: Asos (on Sale!) Shorts: New Look (similar Vegan Leather Top: Salsit Slippers: Birkenstock Bag: Zara (similar) Choker: