I’ve got the green light

Hi guys! Is everyone enjoying their weekend? I’m having a relaxing weekend.. I’ve wrapped presents, cleaned the house, did groceries, so basically the usual! It’s so nice to actually do all that stuff when you’re usually away from home most of the time. Yesterday one of my friends told me he booked a ticket to New York for New Years eve to join us, so now I’m even more excited! Although it is a work trip for us I will definitely mix business with (LOTS) of pleasure this time.

Now about the outfit: what do you guys think of it? I love these sort of looks, kind of messy and a lot of different patterns and styles going on. It really fits my personality although I intend to be less messy and to get more organized next year ;-)! All tips and advice on how to do that are welcome! Talk soon guys. Big kiss, N.

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