Hi everyone! Here I am today wearing two of my favorite trends or actually three. Pointy heels, cropped knit and overalls. I know that overalls are really a love or hate thing but I’m absolutely in love with them. I’ve noticed my overalls or ‘dungarees’ or ‘jumpers’ collection is getting bigger and bigger so I thought it was time to take this to a post again. These ones are my latest addition and are kind of different then the rest because they’re a pretty tight fit. I like them but I do think you have to be confident that day to wear them so I probably can’t wear them all the time ;-).

Yesterday evening I had an amazing blogger event organised by ilovefashionbloggers (where I write a weekly column for) and met so many amazing bloggers and lovely girls. It’s always so fun to meet other bloggers since I feel like we are in a little bubble together so it’s only good to support each other and give each other tips and tricks. Now I’m gonna focus on Berlin Fashion Week. I leave on Sunday and I have to spit through my closet to see what I’m taking! Talk soon guys! Big kiss, N!

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