Metallic skirts in Amsterdam

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Hi Guys! So I got crazy excited last week when I walked into Zara in Berlin and found this metallic skirt on sale. I just couldn’t wait to shoot this look so when I did yesterday I hoped the pictures turned out fabulous.. BUT they didn’t! Every picture that was shot with my camera was extremely blurry because I think I didn’t get the settings of my camera right. I did make some pictures with my Iphone for Instagram so decided to post them anyway just to show you guys this new skirt :-). But don’t worry I will re-shoot a look with this skirt very soon because I’m sure I will wear it often. I’ve noticed that it’s hard to combine to this skirt though, it’s such a statement piece! What do you guys think will look cute with it? And I’m sorry about the crappy picture quality.. I hope you don’t mind! I will be back tomorrow with a new post! Pinky promise.

On a happier note, last night a lot of family members came to our house to have dinner. We cooked for all of them and had such a cozy night! We ended the night with playing our version of charade, which I love! And speaking of family, today is my Mom’s birthday so happy birthday Mom! I love my mommy so much, but then again who doesn’t, moms are the best! Talk soon guys. Big kiss, N.

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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset