Endless love for Pastels

Hey everyone! Today I’m showing you one of my favorite looks ever. Light pastel colors combined with my favorite heels of the moment. When we were at Berlin Fashion Week we went shopping one afternoon and ended up at Gina Tricot. Now I’ve seen a lot of Scandinavian bloggers wear this brand but actually never visited their store. I don’t believe we even have a Gina Tricot in Amsterdam. Anyways, I had been looking for a pastel sweater like this one for ages so I was ecstatic to found this one that afternoon. I’ve been loving it since buying it and the good thing is, this store is very budget friendly. Another budget friendly store is Fab Fashion, who send me this A-MA-ZING coco bag I’m wearing. Isn’t this color the most gorgeous thing ever? I will get loads of use out of this bag, so expect to see it more often on the blog (you can get it here btw).

On another note: I’m completely exhausted from Amsterdam Fashion Week. I went to A LOT of shows this year and I’ve just been rushing between shows, meetings, dinners and shooting outfits for the blog. I’m actually quite happy I will be in a plane to LA for 11 hoursΒ  without internet today so I can rest a little. The internet can also just suck the life out of you sometimes so this is a good time to chill out. I’m going to start watching the series ‘Orange is the new Black’ and catch up on Carrie Diaries. Before I get into the plane I always get a lot of candies and I will probably wear my most comfy outfit ever. So guys, see you on the other side and I hope you enjoy this look as much as I do. Big kiss, N.

Photography by Nathalie Kemna

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Heels: Zara Jeans: H&M (I DIY-ed them big time though) Sweater: Gina Tricot Bag: Fab Fashion Belt: Louis Vuitton


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