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Hey guys! First of all I want to say thank you for all your sweet comments on my first LA Diary. Because of all your amazing comments I decided to continue doing these diaries :-).

So what did I do these last days? I worked on my blog really hard and tried to get rid of my jet lag. I usually have like a whole schedule of things I do to get rid of jet lags like: not drinking caffeine the first days (yes, caffeine actually makes your jet lag worse), I try to go and walk around in the daylight as much as possible, I drink lots of water, I try to stay away from bad sugars (ehmmmmm) and not take naps. But this didn’t help this time, so more tips and tricks would be very welcome :-). Anyways, like I said my boyfriend had to go to New York the second day we were here so I’ve just been on my own here these last three days. I tried to discover LA a little bit more (ok, I just ate and shopped a lot) and had a lot of time to think. That’s the reason I always really like to be on my own, I end up having so much time to think that I always get a lot of inspiration and think of stuff I want to achieve. So I came up with something fun for my blog that I will hopefully let you know in my next diary as I’m not done with it yet. And although I missed my sweet boyfriend tons I also felt pretty cool navigating through LA on my own. I’ve already spend months here but I’ve never been alone here. There’s just a liberating feeling to being alone and discovering a city by yourself.  For instance, yesterday I had the best food at the cutest place called Lemonade. I will definitely come here more often. This afternoon I picked up my boyfriend at LAX airport and now we’re about to go to dinner and after that he’s going to perform at a club here in Hollywood! Hope I will be able to sleep in tomorrow. Tomorrow it’s Superbowl day in the US, which is a big day here. I hope we can go to a friends house and watch it, although I have no clue how this game works. It’s just fun to experience big events to get a cultural feel of a country. I also hope to go to the Melrose Flea Market tomorrow, one of my favorite things to do here. How are you guys doing? I will be back soon guys :-)! Big kiss, N.

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