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Hey guys! Happy weekend to everyone! Here I am with another update from LA. These last days I’ve been very busy. Many of you don’t know this but besides being a blogger I also work for my boyfriends company. As you know he’s a musician so I do a bit of his marketing. I update his social media channels, organize the calendar, I’m the one between the agents and his management and I make itineraries when he goes on tour. Especially when we’re in LA I accompany him to a lot of meetings and work things. It’s fun, I meet a lot of new people and get an interesting insight into the music industry. These last days I’ve also been working on renewing his website. It’s so cool to see how I actually learned so much from blogging! I used to never be able to do technical website stuff but now that I’ve been blogging I seem to know everything. I shot some outfit pictures as well, which I just can’t wait to share! I will post a new outfit post on the blog tomorrow. For now I just wanted to share a little snappy from my Salsit shoot that I already told you about because guys, I’m SO SO obsessed with wearing dresses and skirts over jeans! I think it looks so cool and I’m the biggest ambassador in the world for this look. I know many don’t get it yet but trust me, you soon will hihi. Another thing which I can’t put my finger on is that when I’m in LA I always work at coffeeshops/hotels everyday and for some reason I never do this when I’m in Holland. I do have an office at home but I just don’t enjoy working at coffee shops as much as I enjoy it over here. I love to listen to conversations in coffee places and watch people to see how they act. Is it because everything is relatively ‘new’ here that I like it better? Anyways, what are you guys doing this weekend? I would love to hear your plans :-). Talk to you tomorrow! Big kiss, N.

P.S: Trust me, I’m wearing shorts in the picture above! Don’t worry!

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