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Hey guys! A little break from my happy color phase today with this grey/black look. I wore this outfit this weekend when I was running errands and just hanging out. I took this beanie with me while we were shooting this look because it always gets colder at night and my boyfriend always wants me to wear beanies! He says I look cute in beanies, which I’m not sure about. I absolutely adore beanies but I usually just wear them when I have a bad hair day or no time to do my hair ;-). LA has been feeling very much like home btw, everyone is complaining about the weather haha! Everywhere I go people start conversations about the so called LA ‘cold’. Well for me, a Dutch girl, this is what spring usually feels like for us so I can’t complain! I saw on my little weather app that the next days it’s gonna get even warmer and that the sun will come out :-). I will definitely need that because this coming weekend we’re off to Montreal and Denver where it’s apparently freaking cold. How was your weekend? Big kiss. N!

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Skirt: Forever21 T-shirt: H&M Leather Jacket: Zara Bag: Fab Fashion Boots: Vintage Beanie: Asos

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