LA DIARY – 5 – Rose Bowl Flea Market

Hey guys! Last Sunday I visited one of my favorite places in the whole wide world, the Rose Bowl Flea Market in LA. I once
went to this market before and always remembered how cool it was. But the first time I went there I took my boyfriend and
to be honest, this market is so huge, you’ll need a lot of time and patience and usually boys are not the ones who go crazy for
bargain or vintage shopping all day. So this time around I went with my friend Ana who has the same shopping mentality
as me, which is to find bargains and look thoroughly through every inch of the market before closing a deal. Here are some
impressions of the market and the low down on what I’ve end up buying. I bought a really gorgeous looking perfume bottle
which was needed for a really cool decorating project I’m doing (unfortunately I can’t say anything about it yet! : ) The
catch of the day was definitely a vintage Louis Vuitton bag I found for 30 dollars! I mean! I’m going to use it as my new
camera bag. I’m so happy that I found this bag,  it has a serial number and all the right trademark Vuitton elements (Ana and
I also like to go Sherlock on items ;-). I also got the coolest vintage shoes, you’ll see both items in a post soon! If you would
like to see a couple of impressions of the market and see me with a couple of crazy glasses click on read more! How is your
week going? I’ll be back tomorrow with a new outfit post! Big kiss, N.

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