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Hi guys! Quick update from me! My days are so busy at the moment, I’m just running from one thing to another and am
spending zero time on my computer and phone because I’m either in meetings all day or doing other work related stuff. I
want to update you guys very soon so I’ll be sure to take a little more time tomorrow to write a little update! I always take
time to read your lovely comments and respond to them though! I love interacting on my blog and really appreciate all
of you who leave me comments!

About the look: I went and gave in to my big desire to get these old school Adidas sneakers. I thing they will be the biggest
thing ever again and I love wearing them! What do you guys think of them? I think they’re kind of a love/hate thing so
would love to know your thoughts! Talk soon guys. Big kiss, N.

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Lilac shirt: Forever21 Coat: Vintage Leather Pants: H&M Shoes: Adidas Bag: Fab Fashion Sunnies: Prada


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