grey plaid dress 1
Hi everyone! Today I’m wearing one of my favorite dresses: a gorgeous 60’s style grey plaid dress from Asos.
I feel really comfortable and feminine wearing these kinds of dresses and I feel like this style really suits
my personality for some reason. And as you all probably noticed by now, these buckle boots have been a
big favorite of me as well.

On another note: happy Valentine’s day everyone! I debated whether I should do a Valentine post or not but
in the end decided that you guys probably will have an overkill of Valentine’s posts on all the blogs so I
decided to stick with a good old outfitpost. I am spending this lovey dovey day with my loved one though!
We will exchange lovely Los Angeles this weekend for freezing Montreal and Denver and we’re going to be
in a plane for about 5 hours today. But that’s what we do and that’s our life so it’s perfect to have a romantic
date on an aeroplane no?! I’m really happy with my boyfriend and relationship and try to tell him that
everyday so Valentine’s day will be no exception. I also know a lot of people feel like Valentine’s day is a little
stupid, especially in the part of the world where I’m from. In the US on the other hand, it’s the biggest thing.
A couple of days ago I went to my favorite candy store here (See’s Candies) to get some candy (DUH) and
the line was packed with men with heart shaped boxes in their hands. What’s you guys’ opinion on this matter?
Would love to hear it! I’ve gotta run to the airport now, be back soon! Big kiss, N.

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PS: How gorgeous are these pictures? They’re shot by the amazing Marlena Steiner and I couldn’t
be more happy with them.

grey plaid dress 2
Grey Plaid Dress 2
grey plaid dress 3
Grey Plaid Dress 4grey plaid dress 6

Photos by Marlena Pearl Photography


Dress: Asos White Shirt: Forever21 Buckle Boots: Asos Cuffs: Forever21 Bag: Denise Roobol