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Hi everyone! Today I show you what kind of outfits I like to wear in LA on days of. I’ve noticed
that I really like to dress up like a tomboy almost, I wear more sneakers and I often wear sweaters
with fun prints on days like this, just to keep the fun in my outfits going. It’s very interesting to
me that in LA people don’t dress up during the day at all and do their ultimate best when they go
out at night, a concept I’m really all for. In the Netherlands, where I’m from, there’s not a big
difference between what people wear during the day and what they would wear to a dinner or to
a club. Of course we have our fashionistas that go all out, but it’s not the standard.
What do you guys like to do? Do you wear comfortable outfits during the day and than change
into something more festive at night, or do you like to go for one outfit and enjoy that one all day?
Let me know. Tomorrow I’ll be back with a diary. Big kiss, N.

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Sweater: Asos Shorts: Forever21 Sneakers: Asos Bracelets: Hermes


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