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Hey guys! This last weekend I got to travel a bunch. On Friday I flew from Los Angeles to Montreal, on Saturday
from Montreal to Chicago to Denver, and today we will head back from Denver to Los Angeles. I feel like it’s
always good to leave the LA bubble for a bit and to get inspiration in a different environment. The inspiration
immediately started to flow when we were on our flight to Montreal last Friday. It’s good to enjoy some time off
the internet and the online world and literally leave all your daily stuff on the ‘ground’. Of course you can get lots
of inspiration from the internet but it’s good to broaden your thoughts and to experience life as well. Now I
know I’m privileged to travel this much and that’s why I feel like I have to share my inspiration and thoughts.
When I’m in an airplane I always think a lot about my family & friends back home. I miss them loads when I
travel but I also know that this life I’m leading is the biggest opportunity. Not only do I see the world, I also get
to grow as a person, and learn loads, and just gain experiences no one can ever take away any more. My
observations about Montreal are that it’s just the most gorgeous city every. Compared to Americans, Canadians
are not the most friendly people and they can give you a little attitude because if you don’t speak French fluently.
But hey, that’s what some of the Dutch do too ;-). I don’t have many things to say because our stop here was
pretty short, and it’s always like that when we go to Montreal. I really hope to spend a couple of more days here
in the near future. The other city we spend some time this weekend was Denver. This was actually my first time in
Denver which is the most exciting thing ever. The feeling I get when I get to explore a new city is just unlike any
other. The first thing I learned about Denver is that you run out of breath easier because of the lower oxygen levels.
Denver’s altitude is a lot higher than most cities so that’s an interesting fact ;-). Other than that we did a lot of
relaxing here and got ready for a new week. Tomorrow I’ll show you some outfit pics of what I wore during my
little visit here! What did you guys do this weekend? Big kiss, N!

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  • lyndesloovere

    My weekend was exactly the oppositie of yours : doing nothing, absolutely nothing haha. I travelled from my bed to the couch and back!
    Pretty jealous that you travel this much but you and your boyfriend work for it so you deserve it 🙂 I find this completely different than just rich kids who get everything from mummy & daddy, wow I probably sound like a jealous b*tch haha. But I know lots of people think about it this way so I’m Speaking for all of us 😉
    Enjoy your last days in LA!
    xo Lyn

    • Thanks Lyn!! I really appreciate this comment!! And you’re right, we both work very very very hard! Your weekend sounds amazing to me haha, I can’t wait to spend a weekend at home and do exactly that!!! Big kiss!

  • Janell

    I had to study this weekend!! The picture is really cute and I love reading your stories! Thanks for sharing!

  • Macy

    So cool we actually get to learn stuff from your posts 🙂 love it!

  • Pamela Ramirez

    Awesome post, I really enjoying reading your blog. Tnx for sharing! It’so cool you get to do all this traveling around the world. I’m jelly haha 😉


    • Thank you Pamela, so good to hear!!! I’m really happy you enjoy it! 🙂 xx

  • Leneth

    Prachtige foto weer, en echt geweldig dat je zoveel aan het reizen bent! Ik reis een beetje mee hihi, super leuk 🙂

  • Biruté Sim

    Lovely blog, cannot wait to explore more 🙂 I am following you now…


  • Hi again..lovely pic…and very busy w-end…I’d like also to go to Canada someday for a bit more time…

    I’m stiding for exams so my e-end has been very busy in other way 😐



  • I always get the biggest inspiration from traveling. It helps you see the world from a different perspective, and i always feel like every place you visit leaves its mark on you. The differences make the world exciting, sometimes it’s little things like food or architecture and sometimes something bigger like views on the world and interacting with others. whatever it is it’s exciting and waiting somewhere to be explored. and that thought is exciting too x

    • Yes, you’re absolutely right!! You really get it and I’m so happy to know that :-)! XO

  • Echt super dat je zoveel reist zeg lijkt me geweldig maar kan me wel voorstellen dat je je familie mis enzo! Wat een prachtige foto ook van je! Liefs

  • Amber Heard…you remind me of her…stunning as always!

    • That’s funny! This week I was getting coffee in LA and there were a couple of people who said Hi Amber and started laughing on the street! So I guess you’re right ;-)! Big kiss!

  • Elma

    Geweldige foto en ben jaloers op al je reizen!


  • Lovely to hear that you’re travelling so much to some great places 🙂 You’ve got a very nice blog here!

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  • Dominica C

    Great to hear your findings and how people can be so different .. even though they are just in one (big) country next to another (big) country. So Canadians have a bit of an attitude ? I would just start talking English and then, when they are pretentious, I would skip to French .. with a French accent ! Would love to see their faces !! Ha !
    Enjoy your trips and do spend some offline time … you’ll discover great stuff, for sure !
    A bientôt !

  • Diva In Me

    I totally agree on travelling. I love to see the world and love going places. Like you, I do learn a lot when I travel. It’s a blessing to be able to travel. Can’t wait to see your travel pictures =)

  • Cute socks<3 Lovely photos ! Great post <3 🙂

    ℓα ℒιcσrηe – ℒa vie est ℓa petite ℓicorne.

  • ohmaygod

    Leuk om te lezen! Ik heb ook echt zin om te reizen nu haha. xx

  • Karen Liesens

    Ik kan al niet wachten om je volgende outfit te zien! Ik ben dit weekend 2x op stap geweest en hebben tussendoor vooral veel gerust en geshopt!

    x Karen

  • Michelle Olthuis Moehle

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Thanks for the support and following me on bloglovin. I did the same! Can’t wait to see your future posts. Also, I am canadian but live in the states, I have found that the Canadians on the west are more friendly then the Canadians on the east, eastern Canada is french speaking and they can tend to be more rude, but I have found that the english speaking western side are so friendly. Hope you get a chance to visit Edmonton or Vancouver sometime and see how not only gorgeous this part of the country is but how friendly the people are.
    xx, Michelle

  • Samantha Bartlett

    Your hair is so gorge!

    Lovely post 🙂

    Sam x