Hey guys! You know when you’re a fashion lover you can get a little obsessed about items/colors/designers
etc from time to time? I have this at the moment. And the obsession I have is with the color yellow, lilac
and pastel colors. Since I haven’t showed you an outfit with a yellow touch yet I’m so excited to show you this
outfit of today. I’m in love with this gorgeous flowing yellow skirt, and I think it will even look better this
summer when I have a tan. These pictures were shot on Rodeo Drive so I decided to get into that vibe and
to add a hat to this look. For those of you who don’t know what Rodeo Drive is, it’s a shopping street in
Beverly Hills where a lot of well known designers have their stores. I can window shop here for hours,
every store itself is just gorgeous! It’s always funny when I come here I always notice that people actually
dress up to go shopping. I told you guys last week that in LA there’s a big difference between how people
dress during the day and at night but Rodeo Drive is a little exception. So how’s your week going guys?
And what I really wanna know: what’s your obsession du jour? Let me know. Big kiss, N.

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Photos by Marlena Pearl Photography


Sweater: New Look Hat: American Apparel Skirt: Asos Booties: Forever21 Lips Cuff: Forever21 Bag: Fab Fashion Rings: Gina Tricot


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