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Hey everyone! I just got back to Los Angeles! I told you I would show you what I wore in Denver. So here we go:
it’s a pretty casual outfit but I did add some heels. These heels are so comfy I can literally walk all day in them,
which I do from time to time. Yesterday we walked around in the downtown area of Denver a little bit and it’s
just so so pretty. You can see the rocky mountains from the city center and the city is super clean. The only thing
that doesn’t make Denver so fun is that landings and take offs in the plane are extremely turbulent. If you’re not
a big fan of flying, you probably won’t enjoy this ride. I have so much experience with being in airplanes that I can
handle it (kind of) but I’m not going to say I wasn’t scared. The plane making little free falls for over 40 minutes
gets really annoying! Enough with the complains for today, I hope you like this post and I’ll be back with a new
outfit post tomorrow! Big kiss, N.

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Sweater: Choies Jeans: Asos : Heels: Forever21 Jewelry: Hermes & Fashaves