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Hey guys! How was your day? Mine was a little shitty ;-). I woke up because my alarm went off at 7AM.
I have to start getting back into European time zone slowly but surely. The stupid thing was that I went to bed
at 4.30 so the moment the alarm went off I felt pretty bad. I thought about going back to sleep multiple times
but decided to make myself a coffee and to pull through! After I had my coffee I had to do the accounting of
our business which I find extremely boring, but hey, it’s needed! After that I did more boring stuff like the
laundry and right now I’m packing all our stuff in four suitcases. I can’t believe how you go somewhere
and everything fits in your suitcases and when you leave you have way too much stuff and nothing fits!
Our flight to Miami is in a couple of hours so I have to make it work! I also had stupid fights with my
boyfriend all day so I should probably sleep more so I can be nicer to mankind ;-).

Now I adjusted my outfit to my general mood today. Tired and in a bad mood. That’s why I picked the most
comfy clothing I could find and put them on all together. A lot of you may say I’m man repelling at it’s finest
with my dungarees and my Birckenstocks! I personally adore them, so as long as it makes me happy it
should be fine right? I hope you guys had a more interesting day! Let me know what you did yesterday in
the comments? Talk soon guys. Big kiss, N.

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Vegan Leather Top: Salsit Dungarees: Missguided Shoes: Birkenstock

  • Dominica C

    such a beautiful ‘salopette’ .. that pink is so lovely. You are the first I really like styling Birkenstocks to a nice outfit.


  • Macy

    I think you made this look so cool but I feel like every outfit looks stylish on you!

  • Janell

    It’s fabulous! I don’t think you can be man repelling lol!!

  • Leneth

    Zoals altijd weer erg mooi! Man repellent or not, I like it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • irene

    love the colour combination! despite your mood you look lovely!
    all the best!

  • Claudia Verloop

    You look just gorgeous!

  • super leuke dungarees, die kleur staat je goed!


  • Birutรฉ Sim

    Lovely pastel colour!

  • claudia
  • Wat mooi die dungarees in pastelkleur <3

  • Loving the look! I had a day off so it was a lazy day for me as I was so so tried!

  • Comme Des Coco

    Cool outfit, love the colour of your dungarees!x

  • Ik hou niet van birkenstocks maar deze outfit is wel leuk !

  • Staat je echt super!

  • Lucy Smith-Butler

    Amazing! I adore those dungarees!

    Lucy x

  • Janae

    No matter how man Repelling, you have rocked this look. I totally understand shitty days and tedious needs! Accounting sucks but you accomplished something! I have been sick in bed trying to keep up with all my work while balancing a friendly relationship with my ex boyfriend! Life is tough, there are bad days! Can’t wait to hear about your Miami Trip! Safe Travels!

  • Isobel Howden

    Absolutely love this outfit!x

  • Alazne

    Great style!! love the dungarees!!! nice blog!!!

  • sad to hear about your day! adjusting to time zones can be so annoying. i am sure your boyfriend will forgive you all this little fights! we all get moody sometimes x i don’t know what it is but my suitcases are always so much heavier when i am coming back even though i didn’t buy that much or nothing at all. maybe suitcases get moody sometimes too? have fun i miami!

  • lexi marie

    AAAH you’re beautiful! I love your blog posts, they inspire me so much

  • Very cool and beautiful! ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Lily Fang

    Aw, so sorry to hear about your rough day! The ones that start on the wrong foot really can leave a sour taste the rest of the day. Hope tomorrow looks better! I always think things look better once you sleep on them.

    Also totally loving this look and your post title ๐Ÿ™‚ So simple and casual, but everything matches so well in an effortless way. You’re so pretty too!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  • I love your dungarees! That color is perfect!

  • yeahfleur


  • Lilian

    Your dungarees is SO CUTE, and who cares even if it’s man-repelling as long as you’re comfy with yourself? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I hope the coming days would get better for you! Cheer up! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Lilian x

  • Tof je outfit, in love met je pastel pink dungarees! ^^

    xxx Saranda

  • Julie

    I like the color ๐Ÿ™‚ and as long as you feel comfy it’s all that matters.Forget the bad times and get more sleep is good for your beauty ๐Ÿ™‚
    I wish you better days and great posts ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Everyone adores the dungarees and so do I, but lets be honest, those Birkenstocks are girl-repelling for me too. lol.

    Visit my blog – wearing leopard and stripes today.


    xoxo * Bisous – Bisous *

  • Melba

    gorgeous girl! i love the look

  • Rachael Pictor

    What a perfect take on the dunagrees trend! So refreshing to see them in that colour.

    And remember one person’s man repelling is another’s dream outfit!