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Hey guys, how was your weekend? Mine SUCKED. On Friday I flew from LA to Miami and got really sick
when I came into the hotel in Miami. I think I ate something bad because I feel like I have food poisoning.
So excuse me for being missing on the internet but even looking into my phone or computer screen makes
me feel bad. I just wanted to show you this outfit really quick. This will be my first in my ‘airport post series’.
Since I’m at airports so much I thought it would be fun to show you guys what I wear when I travel. This
will vary from very comfortable outfits to dressed up outfits. We usually have to go straight into meetings
after landing somewhere so I take that into consideration. Although there’s something I never do during
flights and that is wearing make-up. Being a frequent flyer is already not too good for my skin and adding
make-up will not make it better so a little while ago I decided to not do that anymore. So expect lots of
sunnies on my face ;-). And of course I always have fuzzy socks in my bag to wear in the plane!

Me and my boyfriend always like to watch series on every flight. Right now our guilty pleasure is watching
American Idol, we love that show so much! (He will kill me for writing this on my blog hihi). Anyways, we
got super excited to catch up on American Idol during our flight and when we got into the plane we found
out we were sitting next to a contestant of that show. How awkward! So in our lovely little Dutch language
we discussed on wether we would watch it but in the end decided that it would be too awkward haha.

Anyways, I’m going to be on my way back to Europe shortly so let’s talk again when
I crossed the pond. I’m having a busy schedule because I’m heading to Paris Fashion Week next week!
Big kiss, N.

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Wedges: London Rebel Jeans: H&M – DIY Sweater: Gina Tricot Bags: Louis Vuitton Hat: American
Apparel Sunnies: Prada Leather Jacket: Zara


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