Casual Paris (1 of 1)_Fotor
Hello mes amis. How’s everyone doing? So I just got back in Amsterdam from Paris and of course there’s
a lot waiting for me here. Bills, a huge mess in every corner of the house, lots of unpacked suitcases,
laundry, bills, friends and bills. Did I say bills? I’m trying hard to ignore that there’s somewhat of a
daily life with responsibilities for me but I think I have to just go for it and get rid of my to do list in
one day. I wore this look on a casual no make up morning in Paris but my outfit for today will look a lot
like this. Especially these perfect J Brand jeans have to be a part of me today. Click on read more to see
more details and shots of this look and to find out about the brands I’m wearing. I’ll keep saying that I’ll
be back tomorrow at the endof every post but you guys probably know by now that I’m posting everyday.
Anyways, help me through this boring day by leaving me comments so I can ignore everything ;-).
Big kiss, N.

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Casual Paris (1 of 1)-3_Fotor Casual Paris (1 of 1)-4_Fotor

Casual Paris (1 of 1)-5_Fotor700Casual Paris (1 of 1)-2_Fotor

Jeans: J Brand Beanie: Marc Jacobs Jacket: Found it in a little store in Miami Boots: Topshop
Bag: Furla Jewelry: Hermes

Pics by Chloe Sterk