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Hi you! Hoping Sunday is treating you like it should, with lots of patience, rest and fun. To me Sunday
has always been my favorite day of the week. The feeling I get when I wake up on Sunday Morning is
just divine. Unfortunately mother nature decided that she wanted us all to freeze in Amsterdam so I
will probably be bundled up in front of the fireplace today. Plus I have to do lots of boring accounting
stuff for our company today but nothing will bring me down on Sunday!

Before the cold weather came back I was walking around bare legged, as you can see in these pictures.
And not just walking around, I was scootering around with lovely Vivian, who also shot these pics.
Hope you all have a lovely day, let’s chat more tomorrow. Big kiss, N!

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Jacket: Set Jumpsuit: Forever21 Heels: Zara Sunnie: Polaroid Watch: Loavies Bracelet: Hermes

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