Hey guys! Yes, yes, I know there are bigger things going on in the world right now than Kimye being on the Vogue cover
but I’m not a news site so for now, let’s discuss this cover. I feel like everyone is talking about it so I would love to
how my readers feel about this? Everywhere on the internet I see lots of people stating how they unsubscribed to
Vogue. And what about the word selfie and a hastag on the cover? Do you feel like the US Vogue is losing their mind,
or is it just simply keeping up with the internet? Let me know how you feel and I will weigh in on your comments
with my opinion! Big kiss, N!

  • I love KimYe and I fully support them and I’m happy for them!

  • Emily Ahlbum

    I do love Kimye and I am happy they made the cover!

  • Macy

    I’m not sure what to think of it.. I feel like vogue always used to be a frontrunner and posting about kimye is just old news..

  • I mean, kate upton, kim and kanye, selfies and hashtags? I feel like I’m looking at a cosmopolitan cover rather than a vogue one…

    The Beauty Break

  • Michelle Kutzer

    I just feel like there was some sort of coercion surrounding Kim getting the cover, despite what Anna Wintour says. If it didn’t feel suspicious, like there was begging and/or someone being paying off involved, I’d feel better about it. Even so, I’m not crazy about her path to fame … but I do think she looks really pretty on the cover. I’d prefer it just be her and not Kayne!

    Lavish Introvert

  • laura

    vogue are nuts to have them on the cover they have brought the tone of the magazine down her his a nasty guy always having bad publicity and she became famous for having a sex tape and reality tv that shows her to be very self absorbed the cover should be for talented people at the top of their game

    • I think Kim is on top of her game always.. I just don’t think Vogue should be part of her game..

  • I think it’s nuts, it’s not a gossip mag. The picture is awful too there’s no feeling between them and that dress just looks nothing on her.

    • Hihi… Someone else stated here that this looks like a Cosmopolitan cover πŸ˜‰ x

  • Sammi @Sammi Sunshine

    This isn’t as classy as Vogue usually is… I suppose they are trying to reach out to a younger generation. I don’t agree with how Kim became famous and how Kanye portrays himself to the media, but I support their relationship. They were friends for a long time before they dated, both of them focused on their careers before they had a baby, and they are financially stable enough to support a child. I can respect that.

    However, I’m not sure Vogue is the place for them.

  • Ik ben persoonlijk geen van zowel Kanye als Kim, daarom word ik ook niet echt enthousiast van deze Vogue US cover.
    Maar er zijn ook natuurlijk mensen die het wel kunnen waarderen dus voor die groep is het een leuke issue πŸ™‚

    • Haha ja klopt.. Vogue spreekt waarschijnlijk wel een andere doelgroep aan met deze cover.. En iedereen praat er wel over, wat nooit echt slecht voor een brand is natuurlijk!

  • Lizzie

    as much as i absolutely love the kardashians, I really don’t feel like vogue is the place for them – sure enough this issue will fly off the news stands and keep Anna firmly in her seat, but I’m not sure that it’ll go down a storm with advertisers – those purchasing the magazine wont be in the high end bracket necessarily, they simply will want to read about Kimye.

    • Agreed! I’m sure they’re reaching out to a broader audience with this cover and they have everyone talking about it but the look and feel of Vogue as a brand might be changing through this cover a little…

  • Emily

    I can understand that they are trying to stay young, but there are other ways! I think that Kim is famous for absolutely nothing and I think it isn’t very good for young girls to think they can get famous the way she did!


    • I couldn’t agree more with you Emily.. I don’t have anything against Kim at all and I respect her for making a big brand out of nothing but I don’t think this is a good example/inspiration for young girls all the time..

  • Liz

    why is she wearing a wedding dress? to my knowledge they aren’t married.

  • Steph

    I could care less to read anything about them…..

    • Ha! So you’re def not buying Vogue this month I guess πŸ˜‰ x

  • Fair enough, not the best of vogue but I don’t understand everyone’s problems nd she looks pretty darn gorgeous to me. The Kardashians have amazing style, Kanye west has his own fashion although there not the most ‘obvious’ choice for Vogue….I don’t know…:) x


    • I think Kim always looks great beauty wise, I’m not always her biggest style fan but she did have a couple of great moments.. Not sure what I think of this cover, the picture inside are pretty good but I think the cover is somewhat cheesy..

  • Gabrielle

    Honestly, I find it to be a little disheartening that Kim managed to find her way to a Vogue cover!



    • I feel like that’s what the general opinion is about this…

    • Aisha S

      Couldn’t agree more!

  • I really have no opinion about this…It means nothing for me


  • Daniella

    not a fan…. please vogue…. go back to high fashion!




  • lyndesloovere

    Ik heb al wat foto’s gezien van de shoot en ik vind de foto’s echt mooi maar als ik denk aan ‘Vogue’ denk ik niet aan ‘Kimye’ en omgekeerd.
    Kimye hoort, in mijn ogen, meer thuis in een tabloid ofzo. Ze zijn realityster en zanger/rapper, niet echt Vogue-ish maar bon..wat kunnen we er aan doen?
    Vind het wel spijtig dat Anna Wintour dit heeft gedaan/zich laten doen want laten we niet vergeten dat Kim een tijdje geleden niet welkom was om het Met Gala..
    xo Lyn

    • lyndesloovere

      Oh ja Noor, er valt me nog net iets te binnen! ‘Let’s discuss’ kan eventueel ook een wekelijkse topic zijn! Kan gaan over een cover zoals nu, of over een trend in celebrity land, een fashion trend,.. Zowat alles waar er wat ‘commotie/discussie’ over is.

    • Ja apart is dat heh! Maar de foto’s zijn inderdaad gewoon mooi, ik vind de cover foto niet echt fantastisch maar ok.. En je hebt gelijk!!! Leuk idee om Let’s Discuss wekelijks toe te voegen!! x

  • I love it. It seems natural for Vogue to interview one of the world’s most powerful couples. I can’t help but feel that some of the disdain directed towards Kim & Kanye stems from them being different to the stock standard vogue cover models. Fashion and style is ever-evolving and we should embrace that.

    • Very nicely written comment.. When you put it down like this it’s hard to disagree because it’s true… x

  • Vogue is suppose to be better than that, they are suppose to hold a higher standard. I feel like Kardashians only belong on gossip, pop culture and teenager magazines not magazines that are suppose to be more sophisticated. I am not unsubscribing but I wont be re subscribing when my subscription is up (which is soon).

  • Well, the cover of Vogue is only another illustration of theit mediatic ubiquity…


  • They’re keeping up with the fads. Being trendy. The cover still has a high-fashion, classy feel. I like that. Honestly, Kim and Kayne look stunning together. Isn’t it the media’s thing to interview celebrities? So these two might be a particular kind of celebrity. Big deal. It’s a fashion magazine. Their images are heavily tied into fashion. I don’t see what all the butt-hurt is about, really.

  • Ik vind dat ze goed inspelen op de media van vandaag, maar afgezien van dat vind ik dat ze er ook wel hele mooie foto’s van hebben gemaakt! Ze zijn niet trashy, zoals ze soms wel overkomen πŸ˜‰ X


  • I am disappointed. In my opinion, there are so many better people who deserve the cover. Also I think I will never look at the Vogue the same way.

  • jillsmithArtist

    I feel disappointed with Vogue having them on the cover, its a magazine thats at the top of there game but with Kim and Kanye on it its brought it down to the cheap gossip mags. All kim does is, fly on planes shop and go to pricey places to eat and face camera’s. Would think better about her if she did something for children that need help.

  • CoCoJo

    It has everyone talking about them and talking about Vogue. They are all getting a lot of free press from this. It doesn’t bother me.

  • Meg Bolderson

    Even though it’s something I never thought I would see, it’s pleasing to see that Anna Wintour is on board with the Kardashians, I’ve always been a lover of trashy TV and so this is not a problem for me. On the other hand I do however understand the feeling of controversy as I wouldn’t exactly say Kim was a style Icon until a few years ago. Kanye has been known in the past to experiment with fashion and I think it’s great that this is influencing the Kardashian klan!

  • Liz

    i understand that this will probably be their best selling issue of the year, I really do not support this.

    xo, Liz

  • I love it!! Ik ga hem zeker kopen!! x Dani


  • Leneth

    Ik vind het juist wel een tof statement. Ik ben geen fan van Kimye maar het is wel weer eens wat anders dan een ‘gemiddelde’ celebrity op de cover. I mean, let’s face it: Vogue US had sowieso amper meer echte modellen en fashion op de cover. Vind het ook een beetje overdreven als mensen hun abbonement opzeggen alleen maar door deze cover Ik heb ook wel eens een cover van mijn favo blad die ik niet zo leuk vind, kan toch? Haha. Al die ophef, niet zo nodig πŸ™‚ x