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Hello there awesome people. What’s everybody doing on this Friday? I’m working the day away and I can’t wait
for the weekend. I’m definitely going to sleep in big time! These are my last days in Amsterdam again, can’t
believe how time flew by. On Wednesday I will be jetting of to London and after my little trip to London I
will be going to LA for two weeks. We usually stay in LA but decided this time that we could use a break so we’re
going to do a road trip! There’s nothing I love more in life than doing road trips: listening to music while driving,
having endless conversations, or stare outside the window and dream away for hours (when I’m in the passenger
seat of course ;-), don’t worry)! I really feel like I need a little breather at the moment but I can’t complain because
there are a gazillion exciting things happening at the moment and I’m working on really cool projects that I can’t
wait to share with you guys. For now, enjoy your Friday and don’t forget to have fun! Big kiss, N.

Pictures by Vivian Hoorn

Shoes: Asos Bracelet: Flor Amazona Trousers: Forever21 Top: Peter Hahn Cashmere Jacket: 2LOVETONYCOHEN

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