SUNDAY (1 of 1)-3_Fotor

Hello there! My favorite day of the week has arrived: Sunday! I’ve worked all weekend but there are many
exciting things happening so I’m all smiles from dust to dawn. My boyfriend is in LA at the moment but I
couldn’t join him because I had a couple of important meetings and work opportunities in Amsterdam.
He’s coming home on Tuesday and we’ll be traveling again from Wednesday for a couple of weeks! I can’t wait!

Today I’m showing you a simple look, but simple is good sometimes! I was wearing this long light blue shirt
and a couple of people passing by kindly reminded me that my shirt was showing under my skirt. Which
I did on purpose ;-)! So after a couple of awkward explanations lovely Vivian and I shot this look. What do
you guys think? And what are you guys doing today? Big kiss! N

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Blouse: Don’t remember Skirt: H&M Shoes: Marni for H&M Watch: Loavies


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