Hey guys, I was reading some random quotes on We Heart It yesterday and saw something that caught
my eye a little: a quote that said that more than 50% of all woman dress to impress other woman. I
already knew Betsey Johnson said: “Girls do not dress for boys. They dress for themselves and, of course,
each other. If girls dressed for boys they’d just walk around naked at all times.” So quite interesting, do
we dress to impress other girls? I’m really curious to find out what your opinion is about this one? Let’s
all be honest!

When I speak for myself I have to say that I’ve definitely dressed for other girls in the past. Especially
during high school I literally saw the hall ways of the school as one big run way, but of course I really
enjoyed dressing up in general. In a weird way I think I also thought that the way I dressed myself gave
me an identity so I thought other girls would see right away what kind of girl I was. Do you know what
I mean? When it comes to boys, I honestly dressed for boys when I was 12 and honestly this was a big
fail. I wanted to hang out with the cool skater guys at school and thought that it would be cool to dress
like a skater girl but this was so wrong! First of all I looked like shit and second of all they all went for
the hot girly girls. Not that weirdo who dressed like a boy and was wearing zero make up. I guess I
learned my lesson straight away to never dress for a boy. I used to dress up ‘nicer’ for my boyfriend
when we used to have dinner or whatever but if you guys want to know a secret.. I have been so bad with
dressing nicely whenever I’m with him lately. I’m pretty much dressed up all the time when I work
during the day or when I go to events because I either blog or go to meetings which are all based around
fashion. So the first thing I do when I get home is get into my sweatpants, put a big bun on my head and
take off all my make up. So conclusion, at the moment I can definitely say I dress for myself and only for
myself! Now guys, tell me your secrets! Big kiss, N!

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  • Highheels & Tutus

    I know my dad, brothers, and probably husband think that a lot of my stuff is crazy and ugly but its usually the things that I get the most compliments on from other women. So yes I think we dress for other women as well, I definitely dress for myself and not guys.
    xx, Jodi

  • Jessica Rose

    I think that’s true…a lot of men…wouldn’t really know if something was expensive or not…they notice if clothes fit well….or if a girl has a nice figure but other than that…True story…I bought a vintage bag from a charity shop for £2.00 my sister bought a Burberry bag for around £800.00, my dad looked at them both and thought the bags were a similar price!! I laughed…however this was my dad…..but even still!!


  • I dress for myself and only myself, unless its a themed event or something. Even though I a dress for myself, it’s nice to receive compliments from both women and men. :]

  • I’ve pretty much always dressed for myself. There are always moments of peer pressure from others, in my case it was either authority figures or other girls but those rarely get to me. Dressing my way is worth the trouble. “If you don’t wear the clothes, the clothes will wear you.”

  • I know exactly what you mean, i dress for girls & never dress for boys. Boys don’t care about fashion and girls do.

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    Love Emma xx


  • Love this discussion! I absolutely feel you on the highschool thing. In highschool I dressed ‘for the other girls’ too sometimes, to feel like I fit in. Now, I don’t think I dress for anyone but myself or sometimes my boyfriend. I wear what I think looks nice on me and some people like it and some people dislike it, and I’m ok with that 🙂

    xo Sonja

  • Rui Jun Luong

    Lovely post, I always dress for myself. Why should I dress for another lol.


  • Phoebe Spooner

    I really love this! Before blogging, I spent most of my time dressing for my wallet. I was cheap and couldn’t give a crap. In the past year, I got a job at a wonderful classy boutique and I’ve begun my blog and now I’m enjoying making myself feel beautiful in what I wear. Actually, this is the funnest, prettiest, and happiest I’ve ever been! And since spending more money on clothes, I’ve learned how to budget.. which means, magically.. more money! Not to mention the confidence in feeling beautiful reflects in my work and raises come into play. (:

  • Fee De Pauw

    The last two sentences are probably my answer. I really like to dress up when I’m with my boyfriend, I guess I do so to make him happy to be with me or something -not a very good reason. But now that we’ve been together a little longer, I usually do the same and walk around in sweatpants and a bun.

    Would you mind if I write about this on my blog as well? Of course I’ll credit you, and I won’t copy/paste.

  • Sammi Sunshine

    I agree, in high school I dressed for other girls. It was like a competition! But for a long time, I’ve dressed for myself. Although, I do enjoy looking cuter for my husband when we go on dates. I’m not sure if it’s for him though, I think its more for my pleasure that I get to dress up a little more! Haha 🙂

    Peace & Sunshine,
    Sammi at Sammi Sunshine- A Food Blog

  • Suzy

    Great subject. I used to dress for other girls too but now I feel more confident and I always dress for myself! It’s nice to read that other people have felt like this too 🙂

  • Janell

    I think I dress for myself and for my boyfriend sometimes too! But sometimes when I’m meeting up with my girlfriends I’m trying to dress up very nice as well, I don’t really know why but I caught myself doing it! xx

  • eleanor

    this is such an interesting topic! i live in ireland and i went to an all-girls high school, with a uniform. this isn’t really uncommon, most schools in ireland have uniforms, but let me tell you, when we had special non-uniform days some girls would go all out. and there weren’t even boys around!! i think it’s changed alot as priorities changed, because in school i know we were all mostly trying to be ‘cool’ and fit in with everyone, including girls. now that i’m older i think more often then not, especially on nights out, going clubbing or for drinks etc. more and more girls will dress to impress guys. whether this means showing a bit more skin, or something tight fitting/low cut, whatever, but it is fascinating to see that change i suppose. most people do dress i think to make THEMSELVES look and feel good, it just depends on the person whether the opinion of others is a factor in that or not. personally, i dress for me. i obviously like when my fashionable friends compliment what i’m wearing, but if they don’t thats cool too.

  • Lucy

    Yeah I definitely don’t dress for boys!! I think I dress for myself really, but when I go out at night I guess, really thinking about it, it’s to impress women, not men xx


  • Daniella


  • I wear clothes that make me feel good! So mostly for myself I guess!


  • Aisha S

    I agree. I definitely don’t dress up for boys. It’s true that I try dress prettier when I have to go on a date or something (but, that’s more like dressing for the occasion – it is a special occasion)

  • I dress up for myself too! I wear whatever makes me feel good..


  • Leneth

    Ben het met je eens. Ookal ben ik nog een stukje jonger dan jij kan ik me wel erg herkennen in wat je zegt. Tijdens de middelbare school is het toch vooral over jezelf vinden en ookal had ik vaak wel uitspattingen qua mode (herriner me er niet aan hahaha), droeg ik vooral bepaalde kleding voor andere meiden. Nu is dat echt niet meer zo, ik draag wat ik zelf leuk vind en ik merk dat ik daar zo blij van kan worden ! Het is zo belangrijk om je goed te voelen in kleding ! 🙂

  • Amy Johnson

    I honestly think most women do dress for other women, because men don’t even seem to like what is ‘fashionable’. However, for myself, being over fifty and living in a community where most people wear sweatshirts, jeans, and camo everyday, I dress for MYSELF. No one in my community spends on money on clothes or dresses like I do: and especially for someone my age. I’m sure they think I’m an oddball. I just love clothes, and refuse to succumb to not being fashionable because of my age or where I live.

  • at the moment i am dressing for me kid… he’s uhm.. making sure he messes up the outfits that he hates!