Hey guys, I was reading some random quotes on We Heart It yesterday and saw something that caught
my eye a little: a quote that said that more than 50% of all woman dress to impress other woman. I
already knew Betsey Johnson said: “Girls do not dress for boys. They dress for themselves and, of course,
each other. If girls dressed for boys they’d just walk around naked at all times.” So quite interesting, do
we dress to impress other girls? I’m really curious to find out what your opinion is about this one? Let’s
all be honest!

When I speak for myself I have to say that I’ve definitely dressed for other girls in the past. Especially
during high school I literally saw the hall ways of the school as one big run way, but of course I really
enjoyed dressing up in general. In a weird way I think I also thought that the way I dressed myself gave
me an identity so I thought other girls would see right away what kind of girl I was. Do you know what
I mean? When it comes to boys, I honestly dressed for boys when I was 12 and honestly this was a big
fail. I wanted to hang out with the cool skater guys at school and thought that it would be cool to dress
like a skater girl but this was so wrong! First of all I looked like shit and second of all they all went for
the hot girly girls. Not that weirdo who dressed like a boy and was wearing zero make up. I guess I
learned my lesson straight away to never dress for a boy. I used to dress up ‘nicer’ for my boyfriend
when we used to have dinner or whatever but if you guys want to know a secret.. I have been so bad with
dressing nicely whenever I’m with him lately. I’m pretty much dressed up all the time when I work
during the day or when I go to events because I either blog or go to meetings which are all based around
fashion. So the first thing I do when I get home is get into my sweatpants, put a big bun on my head and
take off all my make up. So conclusion, at the moment I can definitely say I dress for myself and only for
myself! Now guys, tell me your secrets! Big kiss, N!

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