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Hey guys! It’s been a while since I did an airport outfit post! You all liked it so much the last time I posted
one and I think I liked showing you what I wore on airports even more that I decided it was time to do it
again. As I told you already, I had the worst delay the other day when I was traveling from London to
Amsterdam so I had plenty of spare time, so we shot some pictures! These boots I’m wearing are my go
to travel boots. They’re the Jimmy Choo biker boots and I feel like they will never go out of fashion, so
they’re a good investment! I won’t wear them to fashion week or whatever but for traveling they’re perfect!

Today I’m flying to LA so I will try to shoot some pictures at the airport. On long haul flights I never wear
make up so I’ll probably be wearing my sunnies! I have like a big routine whenever I go to airports that I’ve
developed these past years. I always want to be the last one on the plane and the first one out. I also would
like to spend as little time as possible at the airport to I time my home departure and airport arrival very
tightly. Usually this turns out fine but I did miss two flights this last year, oops! I hope I’m not the only one
who’s OCD about something? I’ve got to run now, talk to you when I’m on the other side! Big kiss, N.

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