Hey guys! As you all know by know I went to Coachella last weekend! Being a blogger I personally really
enjoyed watching everyone’s style at the festival. I got pretty inspired after seeing all the outfits and
everyone’s festival style but there were also a lot of people who wore outfits that send out the wrong
message to me. For instance I saw a lot of girls walking (or stumbling) around in high heels, or girls
wearing an overload of make up. Also the big backdrop of pictures and attention after this weekend in
the fashionscene got me wondering if fashion is more important at this festival than the actual bands and
artists. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong places but I feel like everyone wants to go to Coachella to either
be photographed or to just have an excuse to dress as a boho maniac for 3 days straight (which is not bad).

Really curious to know your opinion about this subject. I’m a little torn with this one. I did want to
look stylish at Coachella because of my blog and because I was reporting for a magazine so I felt
like I had to look somewhat representative. On the other hand I just wanted to dance my ass off, stroll
around the festival for hours, watch all my favorite bands and not really care about being in a sand storm
or about what I looked like. I will be attending Coachella again this weekend so I have some time to think
and observe this matter a little more, until then, leave me a comment with your view on this one!
Big kiss, N.

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  • Lucy

    Wow those glasses are definitely different! xx


  • Leneth

    Ik geef je gelijk. Ik vind het supertof dat iedereen zoveel moeite doet voor dit festival, maar het gaat op dit moment meer over de kleding dan over de muziek en dat vind ik zoooo zonde ! Als de outfit lekker boho is en niet té, vind ik het het leukst. Maar verder vind ik het iets te over the top haha !

  • WOW I love the look! I definitely think it’s become more about Fashion though than enjoying the music… hey ho isn’t that life. We don’t appreciate what we do, and what’s around us more what we look like! xxx

  • Love the glasses! For me, festival fashion has to be 1) practical and 2) fun. Festivals are great places to wear outfits that are ‘out there’. However, if I’m at a festival I want to DANCE so my outfit has to allow that. I see a lot of people walking around in fake leather pants or heels and I have great respect for those people because it’s just.. impractical. Same with make-up, I have great respect for those people who do a full contour but I really can’t be bothered. x

  • Paulina

    I agree! Coachella sometimes feels like a runway of contrasts: half-naked people Vs people dressed as christmas trees. On the other hand, Coachella means three days of freedom, dancing and letting go. As long as you can dance with what you wear and you are not freezing at night…http://thepaarblog.com/

  • It dies appear to be all about who you saw and what you wore, I’ve heard hardly anything about the music, except Beyoncé jumping on stage with Solange. I so want to go though, they always gave a fab live up and no mud like we get at festivals here!

  • Carla Ginola

    Love festival looks! Would love to go to coachella X


  • I think we always want to look great no matter the place we are going too. But in a festival, the outfit can be stylish but also comfortable. I would want to dance to my favourite song.

  • Daniella




  • lornapenn

    I love your glasses. The photo is gorgeous. I love Boho too! http://www.lornamai.co.uk/blog

  • lyndesloovere

    Als ik naar een festival ga dan draag ik meestal kleding die comfortabel zit (zeker geen hoge hakken! Je kan net zo stylish zijn op platte schoenen -sandaaltjes, espadrilles, sneakers,..-) en ik probeer me wel iet of wat mooi te kleden en wat boho, ik vind die stijl nu eenmaal super, maar ik draag nooit kleren naar een festival die heel delicaat/waardevol zijn (in geld of om persoonlijke redenen) omdat ik bang ben dat ik het ga verliezen of gestolen worden of vuil en het kan niet meer proper worden,..
    Ik spreek natuurlijk over festivals in België en ik denk dat je geen enkel ander festival met Coachella kan vergelijken op gebied van mode door de vele fashionpeople die er naar toe gaan (van celebs tot internationale modebloggers)
    Ik denk dat je over 3 dingen “moet” nadenken :
    1) waarom is deze bekende persoon hier? Er zijn veel celebs die duizenden euro’s betaald worden om te gaan en kleren van een merk te showen
    2) mooi/fashionable gekleed gaan betekent niet meteen duur (dat weet je wel aangezien je ook gewoon koopt in normale kledingzaken zoals H&M, Zara etc)
    3) blijf gewoon echt trouw aan je stijl. Je stijl is super! (Maar ik versta wel dat je zoiets hebt van “heh, waar draait het hier eigenlijk om???” “Ben ik wel fashionable genoeg?!”)

    Oh en hierboven is totaal niet Coachella afbreken want het staat zeker en vast nog op m’n bucketlist! Waarom? Op de eerste plaats voor de coole bands allemaal op 1 plaats en de vibe maar ook om het fashion-gedeelte, aangezien er (bij mijn weten) bij geen enkel festival zo veel aandacht wordt geschonken aan wie wat aanheeft.
    Wat ik je zeker wil zeggen Noor, je moet je niet drukmaken want je stijl is gewoon leuk en super! ‘T is niet omdat iemand bekender is/meer gefotografeerd wordt dat die er beter uitziet!
    Dikke kus en nog heel veel plezier!!!
    xo Lyn

  • Omdat er juist zoveel aandacht aan wordt besteed op fashiongebied wil iedereen zijn meest perfecte en opvallende outfit aantrekken op Coachella. Wat je zegt, ik geef je helemaal gelijk! Je moet niet op hakken gaan klungelen, maar lekker platte schoentjes of laarsjes aan om op los te kunnen gaan bij alle toffe artiesten.

  • Enjoy yourself! I feel like the stars who are being photographed need to be dressed up (most of them are getting paid to do it). You need to not ruin great clothes. Besides, a pair of cutoffs with a loose tee and a cool piece of jewelry can look fabulous! Have fun this weekend and please post some pics!

  • In my opinion, a festival is a place where you can just walk around like you want to. You express yourself and also your mood. Though, I don’t think the fashion should be the most important think about a festival, but it is -no doubt- an aspect of it.
    The reason why fashion at a festival is so important, is that no one seriously judges you for your clothing, that’s why many people have the confidence to wear something they wouldn’t wear on a normal day.
    I think no one should judge somebody for their clothing and people are to instrested in what others wear. In the end you should express yourself with fashion and not try to go with every trend.

    I LOVE festivals, I’m so jealous 🙂

  • Marguerite Mannix

    I went to Coachella two years ago and I think each festival has a different style to it with the music and the fashion. Just like how there are different bands at each festival, the clothes that people wear to Coachella for example are different than the clothes that people would wear to another festival. When I went to Coachella I was OBSESSED with most of the bands playing and had the greatest time, but also was excited about the fashion aspect, that there is no judgement and you can experiment and express yourself with clothes that you might not wear normally- haha but it’s hot and you do have to be practical. With all the pictures from Coachella this year I am beyond jealous that I couldn’t go!