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Hey guys! I’m so excited to start sharing more of my travel moments and discoveries with you. You all have
been asking me to share more of these experiences so here we go! As you all have seen through my Coachella
post I’m in sunny California at the moment and this past week was spend in LA to do some business and work.
My boyfriend attended a music conference and spend most of his time in a boring studio and we conveniently
stayed close to this event and his work dungeon at the fabulous Redbury hotel on Hollywood blvd and Vine,
smack in the middle of sparkling Hollywood. I’ve stayed at many hotels during all my traveling and this hotel
is on the top of my list for sure. I can 100% recommend anyone going here! First of all, the interior reminds
me a lot of my house in Amsterdam which is nice when you’re on the road continuously. Other than that the
hotel has a lot of amazing features, to start there is the front door of the hotel, it’s so pretty, it’s hand painted
and makes a perfect snap shot background ;-). Secondly the restaurant in the hotel which is called ‘Cleo’s and
is the best ever! They serve a lot of my favorite dishes; they all have a strong Greek/Lebanese vibe (their bread,
which comes in a brown bag for freshness, is to die for!) I ate here three times this week so you can imagine
how much I like it! The rooms of the hotel are very big compared with New York or European standard, they
are all more like mini studio’s to be precise. They have their own kitchen and washer which is super convenient
if you’re in the hotel for a while. Also a cute feature is the little record player and the records in every room.
I’ve been collecting records at home for over 5 years now so it was very nice to see the collection of the hotel
and to play some records in the room after a long day of work. If you would like to know more, you can ask me
of course! Check out the website of the hotel here and let me know what you think of my first travel related post!
I’m planning on doing it more often, but only if you guys like it of course! Big kiss, N.

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