COACHELLA WEEKEND 2 (1 of 1)-7_Fotor

Hey darlings! Writing this post puts the biggest smile on my face! I miss Coachella already and I have
the sweetest memories looking back at the last two weekends. From all the bands I listened to, to all
the amazing people I met, to the fantastic desert weather, it was all so fabulous! Today I’m showing
you what I wore on the first day of the second weekend! The temperature was very high (100 F +!)
this day so I decided to keep cool and to pull my hair back so I could dance all day! I got this hair wrap
thing (not sure how it’s called) a couple of days ago at Brandy Melville. Do you guys know that store?
I actually didn’t but quite liked it! Apparently it’s really well known so I’m a little late on this one I guess!
Let me know what you think of this look! I always really appreciate your opinion and comments.
I’ll be back later today. Big kiss, N!

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Top: Boohoo Shorts: Zara Hairwrap: Brandy Melville Shoes: Guess Bag: Chanel