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Hey everyone! Today I would like to discuss something I never thought I would write about on my blog:
food, lifestyle and working out and basically getting healthy in general.
I’m the kind of girl who has a really sweet tooth and I could easily start the day off with chocolate and
have dessert twice a day. I feel almost ashamed saying this but thanks to my lucky genes I never really
had to look out for my weight as I’ve always been a small girl. Lately I’ve been feeling a little fed up with
myself for eating so bad so I thought, why not take this to my blog and ask you guys for help?

Just to be clear: I’m for sure not looking to lose weight or to go on a diet, I want to make a lifestyle change,
a permanent one! Of course I will always have days where I will eat bad, I just like fast food and with
traveling it’s very hard to always find a place to get something healthy. If I’ve been on the road for 10 hours
and there is nothing to get except a hamburger (trust me, this has happened many times) I’ll have it.

The things I want to work on is to eat healthier and to start exercising more. Or start exercising in general,
I never work out! I just have to find a way to keep healthy with all the traveling I do. Sure, when I’m in
Los Angeles there are many healthy spots to get food (but just as many, if not more, unhealthy ones) so it’s
easy. But LA is not the only destination I travel to and when you don’t have the option to cook for weeks and
eat out every day it’s easy to get into the habit of eating bad. The same with working out. I always find
excuses to not exercise like ‘it’s so hard with my continuous traveling lifestyle, I have a jet lag, I’m going to
be skinny forever, I don’t care and blablabla’.
At the end of the day it’s about being healthy though, so that’s
what should be my drive. So now I’m asking you for all the advice in the world ha! Think of health blogs,
motivational blogs, recipes, work out inspiration and so on. And last but not least, what’s your opinion on this
matter and are you a healthy eater or a little lazy sweet tooth like me? Looking forward to reading your
comments! Big kiss, N.

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Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 15_Fotor
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  • I’m going through the same lifestyle changes at the moment triggered by wanting to battle stress with fitness & food. I’m a sweet addict so it’s a big challenge and I’m only starting out. I’ve just wrote about it on my blog and I can’t wait to read more about your progress as your story seems so like mine!


    • Good to hear that I’m not the only one! I’ll have a look at your blog and will follow your journey as well! We can do this! X

  • mo

    That’s my problem too πŸ™

  • Mia St Clair

    I used to be the worst eater but I’m a lot healthier now, I just started by gradually eating more fruits and veggies and eventually learned to enjoy them, ate less junk, and felt way better. I could never give up my occasional sugar though! Xx


    • No me neither, but I just have to kick off this sugar overload addiction a little! X

  • Paula Fleur

    Guess I try to eat healthy all the time, but also I need to start working out! I use the same excuses like you πŸ™ DonΒ΄t know how to change it easily :-/
    Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

  • Nena Verbeeck

    Ik zou graag proberen van dagelijks smoothies te drinken of groene smoothies. Het is zo heerlijk, alleen vind ik het zoveel werk πŸ™

    Ik heb een geweldige winactie klaarstaan omdat ik 100 volgers gehaald heb!

  • Sabine

    I used to be really addicted to sweet and unhealthy foods, so when I decided to start living healthier it was like going to food rehab. The first few weeks were hard and I had so many sugar cravings, but after a while you start to get used to it. Now I feel so much more energized, confident and happy than I did before, so it was definetly worth it. When you start it helps to stick to a routine (of the stuff you eat and the excercise you do) and once you start to feel it pay off it’s the easiest thing in the world.


    • Yes, that’s exactly what my goal is! To get more energized, especially with my schedules and all the traveling I do that’s what I aim for. Keeping a routine is very hard when you travel all the time but I will try to make it work! X

  • I started eating healthy and clean three years ago, it sort of all went to hell during my pregnancy, but about a year ago I got back to my healthier ways. I have always found that if I eat junk, then I crave junk. But, if I eat healthy I actually crave healthy foods. The first few weeks are the hardest, but it gets easier! My absolute favorite “guilt” free dessert is Vita Tops. I am a chocolate addict and it satisfies my sweet tooth without being overly indulgent, I love them!

    • That’s 100% true! If I’m eating sugar and sweets, I’ll just crave more the next day! I think I have to eat more dark chocolate and less fries! Hope I get used to that soon ;-)! XO

  • arielle q.

    I love that you are talking about this on your blog. I think we have all been guilty of this sometime or another and we will all be guilty of it time and time again. my degree is actually in nutrition and I am obviously super passionate about this topic. what I find works for me is to use tripadvisor or urbanspoon of where I’m going and planning out meals. look a the menus and see what looks healthy AND tasty. this is also way easier if you’re someplace more urban, like LA. the other thing I love doing is visiting markets and groceries. this is so weird. I know it. but I got there and I buy fresh berries and other produce and then pack it with me for snacks. I really hope that helps. that is so impressive that even though you are teeny tiny you are willing to make a change and be healthy!

    love, arielle


    • Thanks for your nice comment! And yes, that’s why it’s harder to motivate myself but I will try and do it! Thanks for your tips, I will download urbanspoon now, do you prefer that one over Yelp? That’s what I use now.. And that’s not weird! I’m obsessed with visiting drugstores in different countries, my favorite thing to do ;-)! XO

      • arielle q.

        I love urbanspoon but I have never used yelp, so I wouldn’t really be able to compare the two. I would think they are all equally useful.. anyway, I hope this helps. good luck on your health-driven endeavors. let me know if you have anymore questions. my e-mail is on my blog.

        love, arielle

  • well … i’m trying ! i really am but .. sometimes its damn hard, i mean – loads of work, school, duties .. then i slip and eat literally everything !! ice cream, PB, chocolate, cookies … gosh its awful … i work out every day, eat healthy, drink a lot of water but sometimes i have my weak days and i cant hold on so i think you have to keep trying the things can work for you, dont give up all sweets you love but just cut them – let yourself to eat sweets in the morning only, drink water and eat eat and eat, dont let starve yourself πŸ™‚


    • Hii babe! Yes, I always get inspired by seeing your healthy meals on Instagram so thanks for that! It’s hard but I just have to try and do it!! X

  • Charmystique

    Great post, this is something I’m still struggling with. I don’t have a sweet tooth, more of a salty one! I think most of the time I just give myself excuses and feel really shitty after giving into cravings. Like you, I don’t have to worry about getting fat or my body weight, but I do want to be healthy. That’s my goal for 2014.



  • Bonita Samuels

    Well i started my fitness journey a year ago, its really about understanding your body and understanding that when your consuming rubbish your likely to feel rubbish, not only that the effects that bad food is having on your body. obviously you have to treat yourself once in a while but constantly eating bad food has bad health implications even if your not putting on weight.

    There are so many healthy options that are lovely you just got to experiment, try detox waters which aid clear the crap out of your body. (on my blog they worked for me) just adopt a healthier approach to life.. you’ll definitely not be perfect at first but A TRY AND A FAIL IS BETTER THAN NOT TRYING AT ALL.


    good luck xoxo

  • Daniella





  • Wow – this looks delicioud <3

  • Raphaela

    same for me with eating unhealthy food sometimes. I dont have any chocolate at home anymore because if i would have i would eat all of them. it is impressive if you change your habits! with every meal a fruit or a vegetable for me it is the best way.


    let us follow eachother on bloglovin <3

  • Maybe you’d want to see this blog http://www.positivebeatsthenegative.com I don’t know if that’s what you’re looking for though. But you can always look for exercise and eating good on Pinterest! xx

  • Love the inspirational pics! My tips would be…
    1) Steamed veg with extra virgin olive oil and/or a squeeze of lemon juice with a pinch of salt and pepper
    2) Power walking for exercise as it’s so much easier to do and doesn’t feel like too much work (an hour each time is best)
    3) Resistance bands for exercising on the go – they keep you toned, are practically weightless and can be chucked into a suitcase at a moment’s notice. There are loads of youtube videos showing how to use them too!

    Good luck! xxx

    La Lingua : Food, Life, Love, Travel, Friends, Italy

  • I could ramble about eating healthy for literally an hour straight ahahha, but mainly because I’m living quite healthy and I really love it. But you have to start with making small changes, like no more candy everyday but for example every other day/once a week etc. And instead of eating 3 huge meals you can better eat 6 smaller ones. And instead of drinking soda, you could go for water/tea or add some fruit to your water! and find a sport you love, for me it’s kickboxing, but it could literally be everything. If you have no idea where to start, and since you travel a lot, you could try blogilates on youtube! She makes work out videos and helps you through it and if you don’t know how many of them you need to do you can use her workout calendar ( it’s free). And it’s better if you do cardio and strenght training πŸ™‚ I hoped this helped! X

  • It’s definitely a change in mentality. I used to have the biggest sweet tooth and drank about 2 cans of Red Bull a day and about a liter of Coke a day. I also ate crap most of the time. Now I’ve been sugar free for almost 1.5 year and it’s the best decision I have ever made. You have to turn that internal switch. Awarenesss is the first step and you already made it this far πŸ˜‰ We only have one body that is supposed to last us as long as possible: we need to take care of it a little bit. I blog about a sugar free lifestyle on Blij Zonder Suiker: http://www.blijzondersuiker.nl If you need any advice, let me know. Succes! πŸ˜‰

    Oh enneh, suikervrij betekent niet dat je geen zoete dingen meer kan eten hoor. Mijn ‘missie’ is om te laten zien dat healthy en lekker héél goed samen gaan!

  • This is great. You just feel so much better when eating healthy! I always tried to instill this in my clients when I was still a trainer.

  • For working out check blogilates.com you can easily do that from your hotel/appartment and hardly need any equipment for it! I’ve been loving her exercises so far! http://mividabonitaa.blogspot.nl/

  • Julia

    Sadly I’m not one of those lucky people that can eat whatever they want. My trick has been to drink lots of water, and when I get cravings, to just give in! You won’t want something less if you deny it to yourself. The key is everything in moderation πŸ˜€


  • I love staying active and changed my lifestyle about a year ago – I drink lots and lots of water, I love going to the gym or going for runs along the beach and I eat healthy 80% of the time – you have to treat yourself now and again! It all takes time and a lot of planning too to stay on track but over time you will get in the swing of it! Best of luck on your healthy journey – keep us updated on the blog! πŸ™‚ Claire x

    http://www.theunpublishedgirl.blogspot.co.uk – Lingerie Blog

  • Sanne

    I think that’s a great goal! I have been trying to eat more healthy for a while now and I must say, once you’re in to it it gets easier! But the first few weeks are always a struggle! I am also a big sweet tooth btw! πŸ™‚

  • Maybe you could do yoga every morning? Or do crunches and push-ups in the morning or before you go to bed. Takes about 5 minutes or so. And if you have a dog, you could walk the dog quite often, good for you and good for him πŸ˜‰

    If it comes to eating healthy, why not start with eating more fruit and vegetables? That’s a start, isn’t it? Begin your day with a fruitsmoothie with oatmeal and maybe you could eat a big salad with chicken during lunchtime. The littlest steps do count too πŸ™‚

    x http://winwonderland.wordpress.com