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Hello hello! Happy Sunday! I’m back in Amsterdam and shit I have a jet lag! Every morning when
my alarm goes off I think ‘are you serious’?! Hoping it will go away soon. Yesterday I got together
with Jose who films and edits my outfit videos and she shot these pictures of me. I received this
skirt from She Inside this week and the colors were lighting me up when I felt a bitย  tired!
Whenever I feel tired I usually wear light colors because I sense to feel a better when I do so.
I’m redecorating the house this weekend and am feeling so domesticated ha! It’s just
because I spend too little time at home, so it feels extra nice. When friends invite me to dinner
I always ask them to come to my house so I can cook, I love to do all those things when I’m home
for a while! What are you all up to this weekend? Big kiss, N.

Photography by Jose Chan

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Skirt: She Inside Blouse: Zara Shoes: Marni for H&M Jewelry: Flor Amazona & Hermes