Hello guys! May is coming up so I thought let me tell you what I’m up to this month!
First of all, my birthday! It’s on May 13th and I’m kind of dreading it. I would love to
be forever young so every year that adds a number is not too exciting ;-). I’m still not
sure about what I want to do but I have to send out invites soon! If you have a very
original idea on what I could do on my birthday leave me a comment, I would really
appreciate it. As to blogging and traveling I have a busy month coming up as well,
but busy is good and FUN, I love what I do. I will be spending a long weekend in
this month to attend some events for the Formula 1 craziness. You might think
that car racing is boring but the parties and fashion events surrounding this happening
are always super cool. I might fly out to my sweet Los Angeles at the end of the month
but I’ll find out more about that soon. I have two really big collaborations coming up
for my blog and two really cool magazine spreads this month. One is for a very well
known Dutch magazine and the other for a really big magazine in Japan! I guess I won’t
be able to read it, but still super cool right? For now I’ll leave you with what’s going on in my
head at the moment, my inspirations for the month, I can’t wait to see what this month
is going to bring us. Big kiss, N!

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