STRIPED JUMPSUIT (1 of 1)-7_Fotor

Happy Saturday to everyone! So April was undoubtedly the best month of the year. I’ve been to
Coachella this month, spent some time in California, London and Amsterdam and my blog was
definitely peeking this month as well! After having a couple of great months of blogging, I can
now finally make the switch to (almost) full time blogging. I will still work a day or two a week
for my other job but I’m going to try to focus more on blogging from now on, which is super
exciting! I’m so happy so many of you keep following me and my journey and I feel very
blessed about that.

When I look back at all these outfits I’ve noticed I’ve been wearing so many different looks!
Which is something I’ll always do as I like to experience with colors, styles and fashion in
general. The most fun part of the recaps for me is finding out what YOUR favorite outfit of the
month is! Let me know in the comments and I will let you know what my favorite is as well!
Now let’s cut the crap and show you my favorite outfits of April!  Big kiss, N.

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CULOTTES COCA COLA (1 of 1)_Fotor VINTAGE DIOR (1 of 1)_Fotor MINT GREEN (1 of 1)-5_Fotor ITS FLUFFY (1 of 1)-5_Fotor lcy - ams (1 of 1)_Fotor eleonora carisi for zalando (1 of 1)-5_Fotor mom jeans (1 of 1)-2_Fotor Coachella (1 of 1)-13_Fotor desert coachella guess (1 of 1)-5_Fotor LULUS (1 of 1)-2_Fotor STRIPED JUMPSUIT COACHELLA WEEKEND 2 (1 of 1)-7_Fotor COACHELLA WEEKEND 2 (1 of 1)-4_Fotor COACHELLA-WEEKEND-2-1-of-1-3_Fotor1 oranges colored skirt (1 of 1)-4_Fotor tweed tweed (1 of 1)-fotor6

  • I’m so glad your blogging is going well! Can’t wait to see what crazy adventures it will take you on! x


  • Stephanie Gille

    Nice to hear!
    Your looks are absolutely stunning.
    Have a nice weekend.

  • well babe i bet youre gettin better and better !! i can see :)))))


  • Styledbynoosh

    Congrats! You look amazing. Love your style. Hope I will be able to say the same thing in a year.


    – Noosh

  • Karina Casillas

    all your outfits are amazing! i can’t have just one favorite!! 😀 you are stunning!

    love always,


  • You’re stunning! Nothing more to say 😀


  • Egle Venslovaite

    All looks are so beautiful! Nice post!


  • Janell

    April was a good month for you! I think my favorite outfit is the one with the pink wall! xx

  • Suzy

    Beautyqueen! I love all the looks of course! And congrats on doing so good with blogging, I can’t wait to follow you these next years and see what blogging will bring you! xoxo

  • Macy

    For me the outfit with the wide arms, the white jumpsuit has to be my fave! I actually bought that outfit lol!

  • Such a pretty pictures! My favorite outfit is the one with the boyfriend jeans and the pastel coat and the one with the white dungarees! xx

  • Die foto van coachella , met je outfit met de mooie mouwen is zooo mooi!

  • Laura

    Love these looks! So jealous about Coachella!

    The Fashion Wonderland

  • Angela

    Leuke recap 🙂 Geweldige looks!

    x Angela

  • It’s so hard to pick though! All your outfits are incredible and look amazing on you!!
    Glad to hear that you’re a full time blogger now! So excited to read more from you!


  • Daniella

    love the bag!!




  • Omg amazing looks!! x

  • Nena Verbeeck

    Oh wow! Wat is die gestreepte playsuit fantastisch mooi bij je!

  • lyndesloovere

    Ik heb er 2 : die met de streepjes (de hoofd-foto van deze post) en je outfit van op Coachella weekend 2 dag 2 !
    xo Lyn

  • You have a marvelous sense of style! 🙂


  • Gorgeous looks! I love your style!


  • irinasenina

    You have such an amazing style!


  • Lucia

    So many gorgeous outfits, but my favourites are the first one and the orange dress! So stunning
    luciasloves.blogspot.co.uk x

  • Katarzyna S

    I love your style! You look amazing! 🙂


  • Zonder twijfel de outfits met je gestreepte en witte jumpsuit!