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Hey darlings! How’s everyone doing? Today is going to be the last working day of the
week because tomorrow I am off to the north of the Netherlands to go on a family
weekend! Yes ladies and gents, another weekend of no laptops and phones (don’t worry
I ALWAYS find my way to update my blog and all my social media accounts ;-)). I’m
looking forward to it though! I heard the weather is going to suck this weekend so I
guess we’ll be playing games and eat all weekend. I’m not complaining.

I wore this outfit to an event a couple of days ago. It’s very monochrome for me as I am
more of a color explosion on an average day, but I do like it! What do you think of this
look? Yesterday I got so excited by the way! I was doing my rounds on the internet and
when I went to my favorite website WHOWHATWEAR, I had to look twice because I
was looking at an image of myself, on the front page! So cool! I’ve gotta run now, I’ll
be back later! Big kiss, N.

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Photography by Jose Chan
the white blazer (1 of 1)-2_Fotor tumblr_ly6i8bbryj1qipe91o1_500_Fotor
the white blazer (1 of 1)-4_Fotortumblr_mw0oekmT8K1svrh8zo1_1280_Fotor

I’m wearing:

Blazer: Set Fashion Booties: Lulu’s Jewelry: Hermes Bag: Chanel