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Morning everyone! This outfit I’m wearing consists of items I think everyone has laying around
somewhere: a grey knit, light colored skirt, grey socks and just simple black ankle booties. Today
I’m definitely not wearing this as Amsterdam is in a bad mood and is giving us rain 24/7. If it
would’ve been my choice I wouldn’t even leave the house today. And the weather forecasts are
so bad, I think it’s going to rain all day on my birthday, which is Tuesday, as well. I’ve always been
quite lucky with the weather on my birthday but this year it’s not looking good. A year older and
rain! Sorry guys, I’m complaining! Which is not very kind of me. Whenever I feel like this I always
force myself to think of things that make me happy which at the moment are: my upcoming travels,
days filles with watching movies in bed and eating lots of candy (yup, still not adjusting to that
healthy eating plan I was talking about) blogging and playing piano. What are your happy thoughts?
I would love to hear them as I will probably get happy from them as well :-). Big kiss, N.

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I’m wearing:

Cashmere Sweater: Peter Hahn Skirt: Forever21 Socks: Hema Booties: Forever21