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Hello people! First of all I have to say THANK YOU for all your super sweet birthday wishes!
I’m such a lucky girl to have the best readers in the world and you all truly made me feel so so happy.
The day started with a breakfast in bed that my sweet boyfriend prepared and at noon we went and
had a high tea with friends! It was really special and super fun! After the high tea we went shopping
and of course I didn’t get home empty handed. I will show you what I got very soon! Anyway, after
we went shopping me and my boyfriend ended the day with a romantic dinner and we watched
movies til the early hours!

I’m also very happy to show you this awesome raincoat! As most of you know I’m based in Amsterdam
a couple of months of the year where it rains quite a lot! It’s so hard to find a cool raincoat so the
first time I saw this one from Creenstone at the Fuse showroom I immediately fell in love! I think I
will keep this coat forever, I can’t imagine this one ever going out of style. I can’t wait to hear what
you guys think of this coat! Big kiss, N.

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Raincoat: Creenstone Black Dress: Gina Tricot Heels: Forever21


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