leopard sunnies 4

Hello hello! Happy Saturday! I was thinking about what sort of post I wanted to make for today
and while doing so I got an e-mail from a sweet reader with a couple of questions. I have to say
that I’ve been getting more and more e-mails lately with questions from you which made me
think that you guys want to know more about me! I really appreciate all the e-mails of course but
I thought why not do a big post where you can ask me anything you want? I’ll leave this post
‘open’ for a week and next Saturday I will make a big post with all my answers. So go ahead and
leave all of your questions with me! Super curious to find out what you want to know! Enjoy your
Saturday! Big kiss, N.

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  • Amazing sunnies!




  • Ashley Laramie

    Such a cute photo. Love your blog, I’ll def be back soon 🙂


  • Nathalie Kemna

    Lovely babe!

    Question: Which places in the world you still want to see?


  • hi ^^
    I LOVE you blog <3

    Here are some questions:
    your favorite place on the world?
    a contry where you have neber been to?
    what made you start blogging?

    thank yooouuu

  • ofri

    Great!!!! xoxoxo – Ofri.


  • Hele leuke foto! Mijn vraag; wat staat er nog op je bucketlist 🙂 xx

  • Your boyfriend is a DJ…so my question is do you guys have similar taste in music? Second question, as I’m greedy…Who is the nicest person you’ve met…*celebrity…and who disappointed you…..*indepth answers please* ;))


  • ooooh babe your are so amazing i have no question for you !! :))))) maybe – what was the most amazing thing you have ever bought ?


  • Pia Hocevar Mucic

    Those sunnies are so awesome !

    How long did it take for your blog to become more known 🙂

    Fashion latte with vanilla

  • Suzy

    Cool sunnies!! How long have you and your boyfriend been together? 🙂

  • Miarara V

    Question: How did you get your blog out there? How did you get so many people to read and subscribe to it?

    Love your blog, it’s so lovely xx


  • Janell

    Yes, happy you did this post!! I want to know how you promote your blog when you just start out!

  • Macy

    How many visitors do you have every month? What do you like most about blogging?

  • Ayla van der Waal

    I have tons of questions! Do you have other ambitions than blogging? Like things you want to achieve? Who are your blogger friends?

  • My question is how do you do your hair? It always looks amazing!


  • QueenLina

    nice sunglasses! :*

    GIVEAWAY on my blog! http://landing-in-fashion.blogspot.com/

  • Daniella





  • I really like your photos! I would like to know what camera do you use and how do you edit your pictures!

  • How,why and when did you originally start blogging? Also,I know you travel so much,where are you orginially from?

  • Daisy Daniels

    What advice can you give on a new fashion blogger? (like myself)


  • Ik ben benieuwd hoe jou leven er eigenlijk uit ziet, volgens mij reis je best veel en het lijkt me leuk hier meer over te horen!

  • Gemma

    Hey Noor, what a great idea! I have one for you…

    Do you have plans or thoughts for the future, what you want to be doing, where you want to be based, or are you going with the flow and considering opportunities as they arise? Do you ever worry about making the right decisions or are you more of a laid back, take things as they come, kind of person? Any tips for dealing with stressing about the future are always welcome!! ; )

    Looking forward to finding out more about you.


  • Alexa Land

    Hey Noor, i like this idea a lot!

    My question is: how did you met your boyfriend? And why did you start a blog?

    Love, Alexa

  • Blonde Mondays

    I decided to start my own blog. It’s not exlusively fashion blog, more a lifestyle blog.
    So… my question is: what is the secret behind a good blog, how did you succeed? I would be so thankful if you answered because I consider you one of my greatest inspirations.

    Love, Blonde Mondays 🙂

  • My question….What is your lip color in your picture for this post? It’s gorgeous and I am looking for a color just like that 🙂

  • xoAlysha

    Hey Noor,

    I really love your blog especially because traveling the world is one of my biggest dreams. My question for you is how did you get so many readers from outside the Netherlands? I’m also a (fashion) blogger from the Netherlands who writes in English, but I feel like I don’t get many readers from outside the country.


  • Hi! I have a few questions, how do you manage your blog, do you have a team ? And what is the main reason you love talking to your readers? Do you think your life changed since the first post and how so? Do you have some advice for newcomers in this fashion blogger world? Maybe you should consider writing some columns related about this subject?Thanks!

  • Ik vroeg me af wat naast bloggen je andere werk is!

  • Wat is denk je volgens jou het succes achter jou blog?