MILK BRAID (1 of 1)-6_Fotor

Hey lovely people! It’s a little nerve wrecking for me to show you this look today. It’s completely
different than anything I’ve done before. Or at least that’s how I feel about it. But as I’m living
my everyday life on my blog and giving you a peek into what I’m wearing every day you will see
my moodswings and trials too. As a person I always like to experience everything and the same
goes for my personal style. When I got my eyes on this Isabel Marant shirt/dress I just couldn’t
believe how gorgeous the materials were and I immediately thought of 10 ways to wear it. It’s a
new style for me to try and the same goes for my hair but I have to be honest and tell you a little
about how it ended up like this. I’m going
to get back to some e-mails now but let’s talk later guys! Big kiss, N.
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PS: If anyone would like to see a tutorial on this hairdo, please leave a comment!

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Dress: Isabel Marant Shoes: New Look Bag: Fab Fashion Bracelet: Hermes