BLACK OUT ICE CREAM (1 of 1)-2_Fotor

Hello friends! As you’re reading this I’m either getting ready to go to Monaco and
Cannes or I’m on my way! Yes guys, today I’m off to the South of France, yay!
There are a lot of exciting things happening in that area at the moment, like the
film festival in Cannes and the F1 race in Monaco. So we’re going to be there for
work and to attend some events! Yesterday afternoon after I picked out my
dress to wear in Monaco on Saturday we decided to have some fun and got some
ice cream! I usually go for chocolate, caramel of vanilla but today I got strawberry
and mango! What’s your favorite ice cream taste?! While we were taking pictures my
boyfriend ran out of patience and invaded my pictures, so there he is, full and frontal
in my outfit shot haha! Happy Friday guys, let’s talk later! Big kiss, N.

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BLACK OUT ICE CREAM (1 of 1)_FotorBLACK OUT ICE CREAM (1 of 1)-4_Fotor_MG_9827_Fotoblcak outr


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