Hey hey you lovely people! Last Saturday I posted an article telling you to
ask me whatever you wanted. Well, you guys had a lot of questions! There
were a couple of questions that kept coming coming back, these were the
questions I get e-mailed a lot as well, and a couple of fun new questions.
So without further ado, here are all the answers! I hope you enjoy them and
if you want to know more, feel free to ask me! Big kiss, N!

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What other job do you do next to blogging?

At this moment I work in the company of my boyfriend. I have a full
time, 40 hour, job there and I manage all his social media, I work on
his website, his tours, I take care of all logistics and take care of the
financial department. It’s a lot of work and to be honest, it’s very
hard to combine blogging with this job at the moment. I like doing
social media related things and I think I can call myself a social
media expert so I think I will continue doing this for him. Other
than this I try to manage both our houses in Amsterdam and Ibiza
which takes a lot of time of my daily life too.

How do you manage your blog, do you have a team?

I manage my blog myself but I do get help from other people. As you
all understand I can’t take my own pictures everyday so I work with
photographers a lot, I’ve been working quite frequently with Jose lately.
I’m represented by an agent and agency as well, and I work with a
company on my ads. Other than this my boyfriend is a great reference
for my blog, he takes a lot of my pictures and I can always talk to him
about the creative direction I want to take.

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Do you think your life changed since the first post and how so?

Yes, for sure. I’ve been traveling a lot before I was blogging and did had
quite a crazy life already. The thing that changed the most is that I look
at fashion in a different way. My daily schedule changed of course and
I’ve met so many amazing new people who I talk to on a daily basis.

Do you have some advice for newcomers in this fashion blogger
world? Maybe you should consider writing some columns related
about this subject?

Yes! Focus on creating GOOD content. I believe this is the only thing that
will set you apart. Especially when you just start out. Try to be original,
the thing I see most with a lot of blogs at the moment is that everyone is
copying each other. This will not set you apart and I believe this will never
give you a big and engaged following

How did you get so many readers from outside the Netherlands?
I’m also a (fashion) blogger from the Netherlands who writes in
English, but I feel like I don’t get many readers from outside the

For a part I can say that I know a lot of people who don’t live in the
Netherlands and you know how it goes, they tell their friends about my
blog and so on ;-). I think I also get a lot of international traffic because
I’ve been featured on some amazing international sites and blogs, I’ve been
super lucky to work with agencies and brands abroad and this all just
enlarges your international traffic.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 19_Fotor

What is the lip color you wear in most pictures? It’s gorgeous and
I am looking for a color just like that 🙂

This has got to be one of my most frequently asked questions! I use products
from MAC for my lips which are called Ruby Woo (lipstick) and Kiss me
Quick (lip liner).

What is the secret behind a good blog, how did you succeed? I would
be so thankful if you answered because I consider you one of my
greatest inspirations.

Thank you! I can’t tell you what THE success formula for a good blog is, but
the thing I passionately believe in is that if you do things with love and passion,
for the right reason, and you’re willing to work hard enough you will succeed.
For me the secret behind a good blog is authenticity and good content.

How did you met your boyfriend?

I met my boyfriend on a beautiful Sunday afternoon through a mutual friend.
Pretty casual and nothing too exciting ;-).

Do you have plans or thoughts for the future, what you want to be
doing, where you want to be based, or are you going with the flow
and considering opportunities as they arise?

Yes, I think about the future a lot! I have a lot of big plans for my blog and I also
really want to write a book. This has been my dream ever since I remember so
I’m hoping I get the chance to do this one day. In general I’m going with the flow
and consider opportunities as they arise but I do think of stuff like where I want
to be based. Right now I spend most of my time in Amsterdam and Los Angeles.
I adore both and the funny thing is, I think I could never live in either of these
cities full time. But if I had to pick one city I would wanted to be based in full
time it has to be Los Angeles. I also think I want to to another study at university.
I love studying so so much, as many of you know I graduated museum studies a
year ago. In the future I think I want to get a degree on anthropology as well.

Do you ever worry about making the right decisions or are you more
of a laid back, take things as they come, kind of person? Any tips for
dealing with stressing about the future are always welcome!

I’m not really a stressed out person so I have never stressed about the future
and I think you shouldn’t be stressing about it either ;-). The future comes as
it comes and if you do your thing and work hard there will be great things
waiting for you. So I always take things as they come, for sure. I also don’t worry
about taking the right decisions because I truly believe whether you take the right
decision or not, you learn from everything and that’s the most important thing.
I’ve made some bad decisions in my life but I think they all brought me to where
I am today, which is a good place.

How many visitors do you have every month? How many hours a day
do you spend blogging?

I thought about whether I should answer this or not, but who cares. I use two
analytics tools where my statistics are both a little different. With Statcounter
I have around 35.000 unique visitors and with Google Analytics around 20.000
per month at the moment. I have around 100.000 pageviews on both per month.
It depends how many hours a day go into blogging but on average I think I spend
4 hours a day blogging, which is quite a lot next to having a full time job I think!

I’m wondering what your life looks like? I think you’re traveling a lot
and it seems fun to hear more about this!

Ah I’m so happy to hear that! I feel like I should share more about my travels!
My life is very busy, as you guys know I travel all the time. Sometimes our
schedule permits us some downtime so we can explore a city and hang out.
Sometimes traveling is just purely work so we literally land at the airport, go
to the hotel and fly somewhere else the next day.

lcy - ams (1 of 1)-3_Fotor

What advice can you give to a new fashion blogger?

I already answer this in another question but the thing I did when I started
blogging was I read a lot of articles on http://heartifb.com/. This will tell you
everything you need to know, it’s just an amazing, informative site for aspiring

When did you originally start blogging? Also, I know you travel so
much, where are you originally from?

I started my blog in May 2013, which is a year ago now! I was born in the
Netherlands in a little city called ‘Leiden’.

I would like to know what camera you use and how you edit your

I use a Canon 400 d with a 50 mm 1.4 lens. I edit my pictures in Lightroom :-).

How long have you and your boyfriend been together?

A little over 3 years.

How long did it take for your blog to become more known?

It depends on what you think is more known. I would say between 6 and
8 months!

What was the most amazing thing you have ever bought?

Oh that’s a tough question! I always get really happy from buying perfume
and a couple of years ago I got my first perfume at Penhaligon’s in London,
which is one of my favorites up til date.

Your boyfriend is a DJ, so my question is do you guys have similar
taste in music? Second question, as I’m greedy..Who is the nicest
person you’ve met…*celebrity…and who disappointed you…..
*indepth answers please* ;)?

Haha, I like these questions! No, we definitely don’t have the same taste in
music! I really don’t like most DJ music, which is basically his job. I
appreciate the music he produces and the records he plays but there’s a lot
of electronic music out there that I just don’t get and he does. I’m a HUGE
fan of country music and he doesn’t like this. About celebrities, hmm,
though one. I got the chance to meet Katy Perry and hang out with her a little
at Coachella this year and she is the nicest person ever! She gets a lot of respect
out of the industry and I definitely understand why. Celebrities who
disappointed me would probably be Tyra Banks, my impressions of when I’ve
seen her is that she’s not a very nice person! I hope you Tyra lovers don’t hate
me for saying this!


What’s on you’re bucketlist :)?

I want to get a tattoo! I’m sorry parents, I know you don’t like this. I have
to start making a bucket list though because I can’t really think of anything
else at the moment!

Your favorite place in the world?

Buenos Aires.

What’s a country where you have never been to?

Australia and I CAN’T WAIT to go one day.

What made you start blogging?

I’ve been traveling so much over the past years and always used to share
my pictures from wherever I was on Facebook so family and friends would
be able to catch up with me. I liked sharing my life with others so much
and I feel very fortunate to lead this life that I thought it would be good to
make better use out of it and started my blog! Fashion is my way of being
creative and I love fashion with all my heart. And with blogging comes writing,
which is my biggest love in life. I really want to thank ALL of you who read
my blog every day for supporting me, it’s really a dream come true to be able
to do this! It’s because of you I get excited to write a new post everyday and I’m
always motivated to continue blogging and think of new ideas for my blog!


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